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General publications

Corporate publications, handbooks and general interest publications. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A future for the Hen Harrier In England? NE140 2009/01/06
A guide to using Natural England resources in agriculture courses NE369 2012/11/09
A sense of freedom: the experiences of disabled people in the natural environment NE52 2007/01/01
Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund – celebrating success NE242 2010/01/01
Agri-environment schemes in England 2009 NE194 2009/01/01
Ainsdale Sand Dunes National Nature Reserve leaflet NE245 2014/01/31
Analysis of responses to Natural England’s consultation on ‘the future management of National Trails from April 2013’ NE433 2013/03/28
Annual Review 2007-2008 NE94 2008/07/01
Annual Review 2008-09 NE192 2009/07/01
Aqualate Mere National Nature Reserve NE405 2013/03/01
Assessing and responding to climate risks to Natural England’s objectives.Report to the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs November 2010 NE293 2010/11/01
Assessing the utility of land sharing and land sparing for birds, butterflies and ecosystem services in lowland England NECR280 2021/01/20
Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve NE169 2009/06/02
Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve Environmental Education Pack NE41 2007/01/01
Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs National Nature Reserve NE267 2010/03/30
Bankside Open Spaces Trust - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Turning small green spaces into productive community hubs NE396 2013/06/19
Beam Parklands - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Using flood management as a catalyst to create an attractive, biodiverse community asset that reconnects people and nature NE444 2013/06/20
Bettisfield Moss National Nature Reserve - Trail leaflet NE461 2013/07/17
Blyth Estuary Green Travel Project - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating the UK’s first Active Travel Town NE443 2013/06/20
CSF Capital Grant Scheme Farmer Handbook CSF3 2013/01/29
  CSF enables an award-winning New Markets project CSF180 2020/12/15
Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve, NE280 2013/03/21
Catchment Sensitive Farming Evaluation Report – Water Quality Phases 1 to 4 (2006-2018) NE731 2019/10/14
Chief Scientist Report 2022: Nature recovery, led by evidence NE806 2023/04/20
Cliburn Moss National Nature Reserve NE540 2015/03/30
Climate Change Adaptation Manual - Evidence to support nature conservation in a changing climate NE546 2014/06/03
Coastal Access - Natural England’s Approved Scheme, 2013 NE446 2013/07/18
Coastal Access Natural England’s Approved Scheme NE269 2010/01/01
Coastal Access Scheme - Report of Natural England’s first statutory review - Completed March 2013 NE454 2013/07/18
Coastal Access Scheme: Consultation Summary Report NE268 2010/01/01
Coastal Access: Weymouth Bay - Natural England’s Draft Proposals: Overview NE289 2010/10/15
Coastal access: An audit of coastal paths in England 2008-09 2017/10/17
Cotswold Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve leaflet NE524 2014/03/06
Countdown 2010: Natural England's Biodiversity Action Fund- Year One NE39 2007/05/02
Countdown 2010: Natural England's Biodiversity Action Fund- Year Two NE72 2008/02/01
Delivering nature’s services NE225 2009/01/01
Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve NE154 2009/04/01
Dorset's heathland National Nature Reserves NE410 2013/03/04
Duncombe Park National Nature Reserve NE414 2013/07/03
East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve NE270 2010/06/07
East Midlands National Nature Reserves NE149 2009/04/20
Energy Crops Scheme: Establishment Grants Handbook: 3rd Edition (Version 3.1) – January 2013 NE125 2013/02/01
England Leisure Visits: report of the 2005 survey NE13 2005/01/01
England Leisure Visits: summary of the 2005 leisure visits survey NE16 2005/01/01
England's peatlands: carbon storage and greenhouse gases NE257 2010/03/17
Entry Level Stewardship: Environmental Stewardship Handbook, Fourth Edition – January 2013 NE349 2012/10/12
Environmental Monitoring in Natural England 2012 NE408 2013/04/04
European Protected Species and the Planning Process NE292 2010/01/01
Evidence in Natural England: Our evidence strategy NE340 2012/08/03
Evolution of Agri-Environment Schemes in England NE373 2012/11/09
Farming and climate change NE308 2011/03/24
Farming for cleaner water and healthier soil NE230 2010/01/04
Farming for farm wildlife NE231 2010/01/04
Farming in the uplands for cleaner water and healthier soil NE240 2010/05/13
Farming in the uplands for wildlife NE239 2010/05/13
Farming with nature: agri-environment schemes in action. NE223 2009/01/01
Fenn's, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses NE271 2010/04/19
Fenn’s & Whixall Mosses National Nature Reserve - History Trail leaflet NE462 2013/07/17
Finglandrigg Wood National Nature Reserve leaflet NE419 2013/11/19
Forge Valley Woods National Nature Reserve NE413 2013/07/03
Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve leaflet NE418 2013/11/19
Geoconservation: Principles and practice NE802 2023/02/23
Grazing your landscape NE55 2008/01/01
Green Belts: a greener future - main report NE196 2010/01/01
Green Belts: a greener future - summary NE236 2010/01/01
Green Infrastructure Strategies: an introduction for local authorities and their partners NE139 2008/01/01
Green Infrastructure and the Urban Fringe: learning lessons from the Countryside In and Around Towns programme NE33 2007/01/01
Greening for Growth in Victoria - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating a vibrant and climate-resilient business area in the heart of London NE395 2013/06/19
Growing Farmland Wildlife film NEX19 2011/01/01
Guide to using Natural England resources in the level 3 Countryside Management Diploma NE328 2012/11/09
Hadleigh Farm and Country Park;Green Infrastructure Case Study NE387 2013/03/06
Hambledon Hill National Nature Reserve NE409 2013/03/12
  High Speed 2 (HS2) Wildlife Licensing 2021/10/21
Higher Level Stewardship: Environmental Stewardship Handbook, Fourth Edition – January 2013 NE350 2012/10/12
Hog Cliff National Nature Reserve leaflet NE495 2013/11/11
Holkham National Nature Reserve NE167 2009/07/07
Humberhead Peatlands National Nature Reserve NE274 2013/03/15
Impact of COVID-19 on engagement with green and natural spaces PANS003 2021/09/15
Index to Coastal Access - Natural England's Approved Scheme 2013 NE468 2013/07/22
Ingleborough National Nature Reserve NE282 2010/04/26
Investing in the East of England's natural assets, state value and vision NE130 2009/07/07
Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve - Visitor Leaflet NE275 2010/09/24
Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve – Nature Trail leaflet NE403 2013/03/19
LTP and ROWIP Integration Good practice note NE325 2009/01/01
Lewes Downs (Mount Caburn) National Nature Reserve NE493 2013/11/25
Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve NE147 2014/02/28
Look after your uplands with Environmental Stewardship NE217 2009/10/05
Lorton Valley Nature Park; Green Infrastructure Case Study NE388 2013/03/06
Lost life: England’s lost and threatened species NE233 2010/03/10
Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve NE412 2013/07/03
Lullington Heath National Nature Reserve; Nature walks NE362 2013/03/12
MENE Spatial Report NE317 2011/12/20
Making space for renewable energy: assessing on-shore wind energy development NE254 2010/01/01
Making space for wildlife in a changing climate NE263 2010/01/01
Manifesto for the Natural Environment NE95 2008/01/01
Mapping values: the vital nature of our uplands – an atlas linking environment and people NE209 2009/01/01
Marine Conservation Zone Project - Features catalogue NE287 2010/01/01
Marine Conservation Zones - Natural England’s advice to Defra on proposed Marine Conservation Zones to be considered for designation in Tranche 2. January 2016 NE614 2016/01/18
Mayesbrook Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating the UK’s first climate change park in east London NE394 2013/06/19
NCA Profile: 01 North Northumberland Coastal Plain NE516 2014/01/15
NCA Profile: 02 Northumberland Sandstone Hills NE480 2013/09/10
NCA Profile: 03 Cheviot Fringe NE438 2013/05/02
NCA Profile: 04 Cheviots NE457 2013/07/09
NCA Profile: 05 Border Moors and Forests NE467 2013/07/29
NCA Profile: 06 Solway Basin NE536 2014/02/28
NCA Profile: 07 West Cumbria Coastal Plain NE568 2014/05/28
NCA Profile: 08 Cumbria High Fells NE343 2012/08/02
NCA Profile: 09 Eden Valley NE502 2013/12/04
NCA Profile: 10. North Pennines NE428 2013/03/26
NCA Profile: 11 Tyne Gap and Hadrian’s Wall NE533 2014/02/26
NCA Profile: 12 Mid Northumberland NE484 2013/09/26
NCA Profile: 13 South East Northumberland Coastal Plain NE498 2013/11/11
NCA Profile: 14 Tyne and Wear Lowlands NE483 2013/09/26
NCA Profile: 15: Durham Magnesian Limestone Plateau NE435 2013/04/22
NCA Profile: 16. Durham Coalfield Pennine Fringe NE458 2013/07/11
NCA Profile: 17 Orton Fells NE487 2013/10/09
NCA Profile: 18 Howgill Fells NE537 2014/03/10
NCA Profile: 19 South Cumbria Low Fells NE404 2013/01/31
NCA Profile: 20 Morecambe Bay Limestones NE518 2014/01/23
NCA Profile: 21. Yorkshire Dales NE399 2013/01/23
NCA Profile: 22 Pennine Dales Fringe NE474 2013/08/28
NCA Profile: 23 Tees Lowlands NE439 2013/05/23
NCA Profile: 24 Vale of Mowbray NE442 2013/05/23
NCA Profile: 25 North York Moors and Cleveland Hills NE352 2012/09/20
NCA Profile: 26 Vale of Pickering NE374 2012/11/26
NCA Profile: 27 Yorkshire Wolds NE348 2012/09/12
NCA Profile: 28 Vale of York NE367 2012/11/01
NCA Profile: 29 Howardian Hills NE422 2013/03/20
NCA Profile: 30 Southern Magnesian Limestone NE464 2013/07/18
NCA Profile: 31. Morecambe Coast and Lune Estuary NE407 2013/02/21
NCA Profile: 32 Lancashire and Amounderness Plain NE512 2014/01/09
NCA Profile: 33 Bowland Fringe and Pendle Hill NE372 2012/11/09
NCA Profile: 34 Bowland Fells NE365 2012/11/09
NCA Profile: 35 Lancashire Valleys NE452 2013/06/24
NCA Profile: 36 Southern Pennines NE323 2012/07/02
NCA Profile: 37 Yorkshire Southern Pennine Fringe NE490 2013/10/10
NCA Profile: 38. Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire Coalfield NE402 2013/01/31
NCA Profile: 39 Humberhead Levels NE339 2012/07/17
NCA Profile: 40: Holderness NE437 2013/04/30
NCA Profile: 41 Humber Estuary NE344 2012/08/14
NCA Profile: 42 Lincolnshire Coast and Marshes NE521 2014/01/23
NCA Profile: 43 Lincolnshire Wolds NE440 2013/05/22
NCA Profile: 44 Central Lincolnshire Vale NE500 2013/11/22
NCA Profile: 45 Northern Lincolnshire Edge with Coversands NE554 2014/04/22
NCA Profile: 46. The Fens NE424 2013/03/26
NCA Profile: 47 Southern Lincolnshire Edge NE562 2014/04/30
NCA Profile: 48: Trent and Belvoir Vales NE429 2013/04/08
NCA Profile: 49 Sherwood NE333 2012/07/17
NCA Profile: 50 Derbyshire Peak Fringe and Lower Derwent NE541 2014/04/11
NCA Profile: 51 Dark Peak NE378 2012/11/21
NCA Profile: 52 White Peak NE534 2014/03/10
NCA Profile: 53 South West Peak NE453 2013/06/27
NCA Profile: 54 Manchester Pennine Fringe NE397 2013/01/17
NCA Profile: 55 Manchester Conurbation NE463 2013/07/18
NCA Profile: 56. Lancashire Coal Measures NE436 2013/04/22
NCA Profile: 57 Sefton Coast NE531 2014/02/26
NCA Profile: 58 Merseyside Conurbation NE505 2013/12/18
NCA Profile: 59 Wirral NE545 2014/03/27
NCA Profile: 60 Mersey Valley NE492 2013/10/16
NCA Profile: 61 Shropshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire Plain NE556 2014/04/25
NCA Profile: 62 Cheshire Sandstone Ridge NE551 2014/04/15
NCA Profile: 63 Oswestry Uplands NE548 2014/04/01
NCA Profile: 64 Potteries and Churnet Valley NE509 2013/12/18
NCA Profile: 65 Shropshire Hills NE447 2013/06/05
NCA Profile: 66 Mid Severn Sandstone Plateau NE472 2013/08/27
NCA Profile: 67 Cannock Chase and Cank Wood NE347 2012/08/22
NCA Profile: 68. Needwood & South Derbyshire Claylands NE390 2013/01/03
NCA Profile: 69 Trent Valley Washlands NE475 2013/09/03
NCA Profile: 70. Melbourne Parklands NE384 2012/12/13
NCA Profile: 71 Leicestershire and South Derbyshire Coalfield NE535 2014/03/05
NCA Profile: 72: Mease/Sence Lowlands NE421 2013/03/20
NCA Profile: 73 Charnwood NE391 2013/01/16
NCA Profile: 74 Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire Wolds NE341 2012/07/19
NCA Profile: 75 Kesteven Uplands NE560 2014/05/23
NCA Profile: 76 North West Norfolk NE520 2014/01/23
NCA Profile: 77 North Norfolk Coast NE488 2013/10/03
NCA Profile: 78 Central North Norfolk NE526 2014/02/12
NCA Profile: 79 North East Norfolk and Flegg NE:567 2014/06/02
NCA Profile: 80 The Broads NE449 2015/04/28
NCA Profile: 81 Greater Thames Estuary NE473 2013/09/03
NCA Profile: 82 Suffolk Coast and Heaths NE491 2015/04/28
NCA Profile: 83 South Norfolk and High Suffolk Claylands NE544 2014/03/27
NCA Profile: 84 Mid Norfolk NE523 2014/01/31
NCA Profile: 85. The Brecks NE385 2015/04/30
NCA Profile: 86 South Suffolk and North Essex Clayland NE515 2014/01/20
NCA Profile: 87 East Anglian Chalk NE529 2014/02/14
NCA Profile: 88 Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Claylands NE555 2014/04/24
NCA Profile: 89 Northamptonshire Vales NE527 2014/02/10
NCA Profile: 90 Bedfordshire Greensand Ridge NE481 2013/09/17
NCA Profile: 91 Yardley Whittlewood Ridge NE501 2013/12/02
NCA Profile: 92 Rockingham Forest NE538 2014/03/18
NCA Profile: 93 High Leicestershire NE497 2013/11/13
NCA Profile: 94 Leicestershire Vales NE532 2014/02/27
NCA Profile: 95 Northamptonshire Uplands NE565 2014/05/13
NCA Profile: 96 Dunsmore and Feldon NE469 2013/08/08
NCA Profile: 97 Arden NE337 2012/07/17
NCA Profile: 98 Clun and North West Herefordshire Hills NE563 2014/04/30
NCA Profile: 99 Black Mountains and Golden Valley NE559 2014/04/24
NCA Profile:100 Herefordshire Lowlands NE504 2013/12/10
NCA Profile:101 Herefordshire Plateau NE514 2014/01/13
NCA Profile:102 Teme Valley NE513 2014/01/13
NCA Profile:103 Malvern Hills NE361 2012/10/22
NCA Profile:104 South Herefordshire and Over Severn NE558 2014/04/24
NCA Profile:105 Forest of Dean and Lower Wye NE368 2012/11/08
NCA Profile:106 Severn and Avon Vales NE336 2012/07/17
NCA Profile:107. Cotswolds NE420 2013/03/20
NCA Profile:108 Upper Thames Clay Vales NE570 2014/06/02
NCA Profile:109 Midvale Ridge NE417 2013/03/11
NCA Profile:110 Chilterns NE406 2013/02/21
NCA Profile:111 Northern Thames Basin NE466 2013/07/29
NCA Profile:112 Inner London NE476 2013/09/04
NCA Profile:113 North Kent Plain NE357 2012/10/15
NCA Profile:114 Thames Basin Lowlands NE571 2014/06/10
NCA Profile:115 Thames Valley NE379 2012/11/28
NCA Profile:116 Berkshire and Marlborough Downs NE482 2013/09/26
NCA Profile:117 Avon Vales NE522 2014/01/31
NCA Profile:118: Bristol, Avon Valleys and Ridges NE400 2013/01/23
NCA Profile:119: North Downs NE431 2013/04/08
NCA Profile:120 Wealden Greensand NE465 2013/07/16
NCA Profile:121 Low Weald NE450 2013/09/17
NCA Profile:122 High Weald NE508 2013/12/18
NCA Profile:123 Romney Marshes NE499 2013/11/13
NCA Profile:124 Pevensey Levels NE478 2013/09/05
NCA Profile:125:South Downs NE432 2013/04/16
NCA Profile:126 South Coast Plain NE525 2014/02/24
NCA Profile:127 Isle of Wight NE561 2014/05/23
NCA Profile:128 South Hampshire Lowlands NE543 2014/03/19
NCA Profile:129 Thames Basin Heaths NE530 2014/02/26
NCA Profile:130. Hampshire Downs NE549 2014/04/08
NCA Profile:131 New Forest NE477 2013/09/13
NCA Profile:132 Salisbury Plain and West Wiltshire Downs NE479 2013/09/10
NCA Profile:133 Blackmore Vale and Vale of Wardour NE539 2014/03/18
NCA Profile:134 Dorset Downs and Cranborne Chase NE494 2013/10/21
NCA Profile:135 Dorset Heaths NE506 2013/12/12
NCA Profile:136 South Purbeck NE370 2012/11/15
NCA Profile:137 Isle of Portland NE366 2012/10/31
NCA Profile:138 Weymouth Lowlands NE470 2013/08/13
NCA Profile:139 Marshwood and Powerstock Vales NE517 2014/01/14
NCA Profile:140 Yeovil Scarplands NE557 2014/04/24
NCA Profile:141. Mendip Hills NE416 2013/03/20
NCA Profile:142: Somerset Levels and Moors NE451 2013/06/20
NCA Profile:143 Mid Somerset Hills NE564 2014/05/12
NCA Profile:144 Quantock Hills NE489 2013/10/01
NCA Profile:145 Exmoor NE342 2012/08/14
NCA Profile:146. Vale of Taunton and Quantock Fringes NE550 2014/04/07
NCA Profile:147 Blackdowns NE566 2014/05/28
NCA Profile:148: Devon Redlands NE425 2013/03/25
NCA Profile:149. The Culm NE389 2013/01/08
NCA Profile:150 Dartmoor NE519 2014/01/21
NCA Profile:151 South Devon NE338 2012/07/17
NCA Profile:152 Cornish Killas NE547 2014/03/27
NCA Profile:153 Bodmin Moor NE415 2013/02/28
NCA Profile:154 Hensbarrow NE486 2013/09/26
NCA Profile:155 Carnmenellis NE528 2014/02/12
NCA Profile:156 West Penwith NE371 2012/11/21
NCA Profile:157: The Lizard NE434 2013/04/09
NCA Profile:158 Isles of Scilly NE507 2013/12/12
NCA Profile:159 Lundy NE455 2013/06/26
National Trail Proposal for the Coast to Coast Path NE777 2022/08/11
National Trails annual report 2013 - 2014 NE582 2017/11/21
National Trails annual report 2014 - 2015 NE643 2017/11/21
National Trails annual report 2015 - 2016 NE677 2017/11/21
Natural England Annual Review 2006-07 NE46 2007/07/02
Natural England Chief Scientist Report 2020: Developing our evidence base - research & collaboration NE760 2021/04/22
Natural England Chief Scientist Report 2021 NE775 2022/03/31
Natural England Designations Strategy July 2012 NE353 2012/09/21
Natural England News - Spring 2021 CER008 2021/05/21
Natural England News - Winter 2021 CER007 2021/01/28
Natural England North East Pilot Project - Green Infrastructure and Priority Habitat Creation Opportunities - Update July 2014 2014/07/17
  Natural England Water Quality and Nutrient Neutrality Advice (16 March 2022) NE785 2022/12/07
Natural England's Delivery Framework, from 2012 NE327 2012/04/05
  Natural England's approach to permitting the release of non-native game birds on Protected Sites NEA002 2022/02/22
Natural England’s Green Infrastructure Guidance NE176 2009/01/01
Natural England’s approach to advising competent authorities on the assessment of road traffic emissions under the Habitats Regulations NEA001 2018/07/12
  Natural England’s approach to assessing and responding to wildfowling notices on Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) and European sites ZZ009 2021/03/19
  Natural England’s approach to wildfowling consenting on Protected Sites ZZ008 2021/03/19
Natural England’s climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan (2012) NE318 2012/01/26
Natural England’s climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan (2015) NE612 2015/10/07
Natural England’s climate change risk assessment and adaptation plan (2021) NE761 2022/01/28
No charge? Valuing the natural environment NE220 2009/01/01
Non Financial Schedule of Delegation - Effective from 27 July 2012 NE364 2012/10/24
North Meadow National Nature Reserve NE148 2009/03/02
Nutrient Neutrality and Mitigation: A summary guide and frequently asked questions NE776 2022/06/23
Old Winchester Hill National Nature Reserve NE401 2013/04/03
Organic Entry Level Stewardship: Environmental Stewardship Handbook, Fourth Edition – January 2013 NE351 2012/10/12
Pennine Way National Trail NE186 2009/01/01
Population estimates for urban and natural nesting Herring Gull Larus argentatus and Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus in England JNCC21_02 2021/02/25
Portland Quarries Nature Park; Green Infrastructure Case Study NE386 2013/03/05
Protecting England’s natural treasures - Sites of Special Scientific Interest NE306 2011/01/01
RP04729 Beavers in licensed enclosures - licensees objectives opinions experiences RP04729 2023/07/28
Responding to the impacts of climate change on the natural environment: Cumbria High Fells NE115 2009/03/31
Responding to the impacts of climate change on the natural environment: Dorset Downs and Cranborne Chase NE116 2009/03/31
Responding to the impacts of climate change on the natural environment: Shropshire Hills NE117 2009/03/31
Responding to the impacts of climate change on the natural environment:The Broads NE114 2009/03/31
Roudsea Wood and Mosses National Nature Reserve NE590 2015/03/18
Saltfleetby - Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve NE152 2009/04/29
Sea fisheries: steps to sustainability NE193 2009/01/01
Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve NE272 2010/05/13
Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve NE183 2009/07/06
Skipwith Common National Nature Reserve NE411 2013/05/14
South Downs Way National Trail NE258 2010/01/01
Spatial planning in Natural England NE187 2009/01/01
Spotlight on SSSIs – Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 5 – December 2014 NE588 2014/12/19
Spotlight on SSSIs – Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 6 – June 2015 NE610 2015/06/26
Spotlight on SSSIs - Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 1 – October 2012 NE354 2012/10/22
Spotlight on SSSIs - Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 2 – June 2013 NE448 2013/06/03
Spotlight on SSSIs - Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 3 – December 2013 NE510 2013/12/12
Spotlight on SSSIs - Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 4 – June 2014 NE569 2014/06/30
Spotlight on SSSIs – Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 10 – Summer 2017 NE674 2017/07/14
Spotlight on SSSIs – Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 11 – Winter 2017 NE684 2017/12/13
Spotlight on SSSIs – Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 7 – December 2015 NE615 2015/12/15
Spotlight on SSSIs – Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 8 – June 2016 NE637 2016/06/27
Spotlight on SSSIs – Working towards the goals of Biodiversity 2020: Issue 9 – December 2016 NE647 2016/12/15
State of the Natural Environment 2008 NE85 2008/01/01
State of the natural environment in London: securing our future NE132 2009/07/07
State of the natural environment in Yorkshire and the Humber NE138 2009/01/01
State of the natural environment in the East Midlands NE131 2009/01/01
State of the natural environment in the North East NE133 2009/01/01
State of the natural environment in the North West NE134 2009/01/01
State of the natural environment in the South East NE135 2009/01/01
State of the natural environment in the South West NE136 2009/01/01
State of the natural environment in the West Midlands NE137 2009/01/01
Stiperstones National Nature Reserve NE255 2010/09/24
Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve NE155 2009/04/22
Tees Heritage Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Reconnecting communities with their heritage and each other NE392 2013/06/20
Teesmouth National Nature Reserve NE276 2010/05/13
Ten principles to guide our approach to securing the future of England’s upland environment NE99 2008/01/01
The Access & Engagement Strategy for Natural England March 2012 NE356 2012/10/05
  The Drainage Channel Biodiversity Manual NE121 2008/09/29
The Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) (England) (No.2) Regulations 2006 - Public Guidance NE311 2012/12/03
The Lizard National Nature Reserve - Visitor Leaflet NE281 2014/02/27
The New deal; Management of National Trails in England from April 2013 NE426 2013/03/28
The North East Region: from the Tweed to the Tees - National Nature Reserves NE168 2009/05/11
  The People and Nature Survey - Official Statistics PANS004 2023/01/04
  The People and Nature Survey for England - Child Questionnaire PANS002 2020/10/05
  The Selection Principles for National Nature Reserves in England NE808 2023/05/25
The South West: Cornwall & Devon National Nature Reserves NE164 2009/05/11
The South West: Gloucestershire, Wiltshire (& the West of England) National Nature Reserves NE165 2009/05/11
The South West: Somerset & Dorset National Nature Reserves NE163 2009/05/11
  The Strategy for England’s National Nature Reserves NE807 2017/09/21
The best Trails in England and Wales. The nation’s favourite walks and rides. (Second edition - April 2013) NE157 2013/04/04
The call of the sea: safeguarding the future of the marine environment NE128 2008/01/01
The effect of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games on health and natural environment engagement in the Lee Valley NE574 2014/08/12
The natural environment: adapting to climate change NE118 2009/03/31
The nature of food: why good food doesn't have to cost the Earth NE200 2009/01/01
  The ‘Included outside’ publication series 2022/09/06
Think BIG How and why landscape-scale conservation benefits wildlife, people and the wider economy NE309 2011/06/07
Urban nesting Herring Gull Larus argentatus and Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus fuscus population estimates: devising species-specific correction models for ground-based survey data JNCC21_01 2021/02/25
Walberswick National Nature Reserve NE260 2013/09/04
  Wildlife Licences issued for works related to High Speed 2 (HS2) by Natural England 2021/05/20
Wybunbury Moss National Nature Reserve NE589 2015/01/27
Wye National Nature Reserve NE277 2010/06/09
Wynyard Woodland Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Managing future development by investing in green infrastructure NE393 2013/06/19
Wyre Forest National Nature Reserve NE279 2010/06/09