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NCA Profile: 73 Charnwood (NE391)

An updated version of this profile is online at This pdf is retained for historical and completeness purposes.

Charnwood is a unique landscape, marked out by its geology and upland qualities, which contrast with the surrounding gentle lowlands. It is formed by a mosaic of heathland, farmland, parkland and woodland. The underlying Precambrian geology has given rise to the distinct area of land characterised by exposures of rugged, rocky outcrops. It is a relatively well wooded landscape, with many areas of mixed, deciduous and coniferous woodlands. The western part of Charnwood lies within The National Forest, which offers people extensive access, environmental education and volunteering opportunities and the chance to become involved with local community projects.
Situated between Coalville, Loughborough and Leicester, Charnwood is surrounded by large, urban areas, but retains a rural character. Larger villages lie on the southern, western and eastern fringes, with small, linear villages in the central area. Many buildings in the central part of the area are characterised by local Charnian rocks and Swithland Slate.
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