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Otter Estuary rMCZ Intertidal Rock and Sediment Verification Survey 2013 (NECR354)

Natural England, in partnership with the Environment Agency, CEFAS, and DEFRA, has commissioned a number of surveys to add to the current information available for recommended Marine Conservation Zones (rMCZ) throughout England. More specifically, the data collected is intended to add to the knowledge on the extent and presence of certain features at intertidal sites where more evidence is required.

The surveys are required to determine the presence and extent of Broadscale habitats (BSHs) and Habitats of Conservation Importance (HOCI), as well as the presence of Species of Conservation Importance (SOCI). In addition they will provide a partial baseline data set to inform a future assessment of condition.
The JNCC finding sanctuary report recommended the Otter estuary for addition into the MCZ network. The inclusion of this estuary and other estuarine rMCZs in the network was in recognition of the ecological importance of estuaries in terms of productivity and their function as nursery areas for fish including Bass.

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Otter Estuary rMCZ Intertidal Rock and Sediment Verification Survey 2013, PDF, 2.7 MB 2021/05/07


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