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Natural England Commissioned Reports

Natural England commission reports from contractors to provide evidence and advice. The views in the reports are those of the authors, not necessarily those of Natural England. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
2020 Gap Analysis of the BOLD Database for Key English Invertebrates NECR324 2020/10/14
A Historical Investigation of Solent Saltmarsh as Key Coastal Nursery Habitat Areas NECR404 2022/02/17
A Lichen Survey of Penwith Moors (2019) NECR332 2021/01/14
A Provisional Assessment of the Status of Acalyptratae flies in the UK NECR217 2016/12/01
A Provisional Assessment of the Status of Calypterate flies in the UK NECR234 2017/08/30
A framework for assessing confidence in environmental DNA qPCR assays and results NECR359 2021/06/10
A guide to assessing and managing anthropogenic impact on marine angiosperm habitat NECR111 2013/04/16
A proposal for terrestrial environmental monitoring of Plant Protection Products (PPP) NECR377 2023/06/14
A recovery/conservation programme for marine species of conservation importance NECR065 2011/12/20
A restoration management plan for Hatchet Pond in the New Forest NECR328 2020/06/15
A review of nature-based interventions for mental health care NECR204 2016/02/09
A review of techniques for monitoring the success of peatland restoration NECR086 2011/09/02
A review of the Hemiptera of Great Britain: The Aquatic and Semi-aquatic Bugs NECR188 2015/11/20
A review of the Hemiptera of Great Britain: The shieldbugs and allied families NECR190 2016/03/11
A review of the Orthoptera (Grasshoppers and crickets) and allied species of Great Britain NECR187 2015/11/20
A review of the beetles of Great Britain: Ground Beetles (Carabidae) NECR189 2016/03/11
A review of the beetles of Great Britain: The Darkling Beetles and their allies NECR148 2014/05/23
A review of the beetles of Great Britain: The Soldier Beetles and their allies NECR134 2014/01/20
A review of the effectiveness of different on-site wastewater treatment systems and their management to reduce phosphorus pollution NECR179 2015/03/24
A review of the millipedes (Diplopoda), centipedes (Chilopoda) and woodlice (Isopoda) of Great Britain NECR186 2015/11/20
A review of the national importance and current condition of the saproxylic invertebrate assemblages at Birklands & Bilhaugh SSSIs, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire NECR072 2011/07/05
A review of the scarce and threatened beetles of Great Britain: The leaf beetles and their allies NECR161 2014/10/24
A review of the status of larger Brachycera flies of Great Britain NECR192 2017/08/30
A review of the status of the Dolichopodid flies of Great Britain NECR195 2018/10/01
A review of the status of the Lonchopteridae, Platypezidae and Opetiidae flies of Great Britain NECR246 2018/01/29
A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain - The clown beetles and false clown beetles (Histeridae and Sphaeritidae) NECR235 2017/08/30
A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain Derodontidoidea (Derodontidae) and Bostrichoidea (Dermestidae, Bostrichidae and Ptinidae) NECR236 2017/08/30
A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain Longhorn Beetles (Cerambycidae) NECR272 2019/08/01
A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain The Staphylinidae: Tachyporinae beetles NECR265 2019/08/01
A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain: The Silphidae (Carrion Beetles) NECR316 2020/09/08
A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain: The Staphylinidae (Rove Beetles) NECR390 2022/02/10
A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain: The stag beetles, dor beetles, dung beetles, chafers and their allies - Lucanidae, Geotrupidae, Trogidae and Scarabaeidae NECR224 2016/10/31
A review of the status of the caddis flies (Trichoptera) of Great Britain NECR191 2016/03/11
A review of the status of the mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Great Britain NECR193 2016/03/11
A review of the stoneflies (Plecoptera) of Great Britain NECR174 2015/02/12
A strategic analysis of the sustainability case for High Speed 2 NECR085 2011/07/19
A survey of selected agri-environment grassland and heathland creation and restoration sites NECR107 2013/01/11
A think piece on the effectiveness of protected areas in England NECR412 2022/06/16
Access to the countryside and bird conservation priorities for research NECR003 2009/04/02
Adapting Conservation to a Changing Climate NECR081 2011/09/30
Adopting effective stakeholder engagement processes to deliver regional Marine Protected Area (MPA) network NECR008 2009/12/01
Amberley Wild Brooks SSSI climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning report NECR504 2023/10/12
  An Intertidal Survey of the Biotopes of Rocky Scars in the Drigg Coast, European Marine Site NECR397 2021/11/30
An Investigation into the Management of Catch Dykes in The Broads NECR238 2017/10/17
An analysis of survey data from upland hay meadows in the North Pennines AONB NECR069 2011/05/12
An approach to Seascape Character Assessment NECR105 2012/10/11
An assessment of seed viability, germination and vegetative propagation requirements for least water-lily (Nuphar pumila) NECR244 2017/12/12
An evaluation of the Walking for Wellness project and the befriender role NECR118 2013/07/16
An evaluation of walking schemes in Devon NECR070 2011/05/12
An evidence review for great crested newt eDNA monitoring protocols NECR476 2023/05/18
An outline lake management plan for Hatchet Pond, New Forest SSSI NECR319 2020/06/15
Analysis and Reporting of Lowland Freshwater Ditches Validation Network Monitoring Data NECR005 2009/04/21
Analysis of the UK’s International Nature Obligations Phase 1 NECR513 2023/10/05
Analysis of the UK’s International Nature Obligations Phase 2 NECR514 2023/10/05
Analysis of vegetation data from different quadrat sizes NECR006 2009/06/26
Ancient Woodland Inventory handbook NECR248 2018/05/08
Applying behavioural insights to improve the messaging around the new Countryside Code: Summary NECR386 2022/01/14
Ashdown Forest visitor survey data analysis NECR048 2010/09/21
Assessing and addressing the impacts of ash dieback on UK woodlands and trees of conservation importance (Phase 2) NECR151 2014/04/30
Assessing and enabling climate change adaptation in Nature Improvement Areas NECR119 2013/09/27
Assessing and evaluating the cultural services of the South Pennines ecosystem services pilot NECR128 2013/10/11
Assessing population status of the great crested newt in Great Britain NECR080 2011/07/26
Assessing the effects of small increments of atmospheric nitrogen deposition (above the critical load) on semi-natural habitats of conservation importance NECR210 2016/03/23
Assessing the genetic connectivity of two octocoral species in the Northeast Atlantic NECR152 2014/06/16
Assessing the importance of spatial location of agri environment options within the landscape to butterflies NECR157 2014/09/29
Assessing the potential for offshore infrastructure as platforms for environmental monitoring NECR446 2022/10/03
Assessing the utility of land sharing and land sparing for birds, butterflies and ecosystem services in lowland England NECR280 2021/01/20
Assessment of compensatory measures for impacts of offshore windfarms on seabirds NECR431 2022/09/29
Assessment of displacement impacts of offshore windfarms and other human activities on red-throated divers and alcids NECR227 2016/12/12
Assessment of population stability and sustainability of rare / scarce vascular plants West Penwith Moors, Cornwall (2016) NECR342 2021/01/14
Assessment of the effect of Environmental Stewardship on improving the ecological status of grassland, moorland and heath NECR156 2014/09/29
Assessment of the effects of Environmental Stewardship on landscape character NECR158 2014/09/29
Assessment of the impacts of the CRoW Act on bird populations: Results from the baseline year of the pilot study, 2006 NECR040 2011/09/12
Assessment of the impacts of the CRoW Act on bird populations: Results on the second season of the Upland Breeding Bird Survey - assessing change between 2006 and 2007 NECR041 2011/09/12
Attitudes to Uplands Entry Level Stewardship NECR091 2012/02/22
Avon Valley Grazing Project NECR078 2011/08/04
Beaver Management Groups: Capturing lessons from the River Otter Beaver Trial and River Tamar Catchment NECR434 2022/09/26
Benthic assemblages in Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ NECR462 2022/12/15
Bideford to Foreland Point MCZ 2019 Survey Report NECR299 2021/04/09
  Biological Survey of the Intertidal Sediments of the South Shore of Solway Firth, 2014 NECR393 2021/11/16
Boosting offshore wind skills for environmental professions NECR445 2022/10/03
Care farming: Defining the ‘offer’ in England NECR155 2014/08/07
Cereal invertebrates, extreme events and long-term trends in climate NECR135 2014/02/13
Chesil Beach and Stennis Ledges MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR300 2021/04/09
Children and the natural environment: experiences, influences and interventions NECR026 2011/03/24
Children’s perspectives on quality in local natural outdoor spaces NECR461 2022/12/13
Climate Change and Biodiversity Adaptation: The Role of the Spatial Planning System NECR004 2009/04/02
Climate change adaptation indicators for the natural environment NECR038 2010/07/13
Climate change farm resilience planning NECR120 2013/09/09
Climate change refugia for the flora and fauna of England NECR162 2014/11/21
Coastal Change Management Areas Opportunities for sustainable solutions in areas subject to coastal change NECR275 2019/01/17
Coastal Vegetated Shingle: Development of an evidence base of the extent and quality of shingle habitats in England to improve targeting and delivery of the coastal vegetated shingle HAP NECR054 2010/12/17
Coastal catch-up how a soft rock cliff evolves when coastal defences fail NECR256 2018/10/04
Coastal saline lagoons and the Water Framework Directive NECR039 2010/05/24
Comparison of the abundance and distribution of birds along the northern shore of Poole Harbour by day and by night NECR017 2009/09/15
Comparison of the effect of time and preservative on the quality of DNA from pitfall traps NECR453 2022/11/17
Condition Assessment Monitoring for Reefs, Isles of Scilly European Marine Site - Diving Survey June 2011 NECR104 2012/10/22
Condition assessment of Thanet Coast Special Area of Conservation NECR165 2015/02/16
Conservation of ribbon-leaved water-plantain: Current status, the species recovery programme and future outlook NECR074 2011/07/25
Coquet to St Mary’s Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ): A study of a UK Subtidal mud feature (2019) NECR364 2022/04/20
Costing the Walking for Health programme NECR099 2012/07/30
Countryside and Rights of Way (CROW) Act 2000 (Part 1): National Open Access Visitor Survey (2006-2008) - Executive summary NECR036 2011/09/12
Defining Irreplaceable Marine Habitats NECR474 2023/02/24
Defining Oyster Beds in the Blackwater Estuary NECR411 2023/11/20
Definition of the zone of hydrological influence relating to Bostraze Bog, West Penwith, Cornwall. (2018) NECR339 2021/01/15
  Defra public consultation Wednesday 25 August about beaver reintroduction in England - supporting documents 2021/05/19
Densities of qualifying species within Liverpool Bay Bae Lerpwl SPA: 2015 to 2020 NECR440 2023/06/14
Designing a methodology for surveying fish populations in freshwater lakes NECR230 2017/03/23
Designing and applying a method to assess the sensitivities of highly mobile marine species to anthropogenic pressures NECR213 2016/05/25
Developing Datasets for Biodiversity 2020: Outcome 1D (Omnicom 24951/ITT455) NECR214 2016/09/13
Developing a robust technique to detect populations of endangered native white-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes, invasive signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus and crayfish plague Aphanomyces astaci in lotic systems using innovative eDNA approaches NECR284 2019/10/29
Developing eDNA techniques for the detection of Segmentina nitida NECR373 2021/09/22
Developing sustainable volunteering within the Natural Connections Demonstration Project: A review of evidence NECR096 2012/07/17
Development of DNA applications in Natural England 2016/2017 NECR252 2018/08/20
Development of a Coastal Vegetated Shingle Inventory for England NECR015 2009/09/11
Development of a Local Record Centre accreditation system NECR058 2012/07/10
Development of a Risk Assessment Tool to Evaluate the Significance of Septic Tanks Around Freshwater SSSIs NECR222 2016/09/02
Development of a conservation plan for least water-lily (Nuphar pumila) in England 2017 NECR243 2017/12/12
Development of a generic framework for informing Cumulative Impact Assessments (CIA) related to Marine Protected Areas through evaluation of best practice NECR147 2014/04/14
Development of a risk assessment tool to assess the significance of septic tanks around freshwater SSSIs: Phase 1 – Understanding better the retention of phosphorus in the drainage field NECR171 2015/02/03
Development of an eDNA monitoring method for inshore fish populations NECR330 2020/11/09
Digital video aerial survey at sea of European shag (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) around the Isles of Scilly in 2015 NECR356 2021/05/26
Digital video aerial surveys of marine birds and mammals at Solway Firth Special Protection Area (SPA): February 2021 NECR439 2022/09/06
Digital video aerial surveys of red-throated diver in the Outer Thames Estuary Special Protection Area 2018 NECR260 2019/05/17
Discussion and recommendations on the future of protected areas in England under climate change NECR479 2023/08/01
Disease Risk Analysis for the Conservation Translocation of the Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber) to England NECR345 2021/08/25
Disease risk analysis for the reintroduction of the short-haired bumblebee (Bombus subterraneus) to the UK NECR216 2016/09/14
Displacement of fishing effort from Marine Protected Areas NECR241 2017/10/17
Dover to Deal MCZ 2016 Survey Report NECR301 2021/04/09
Dover to Deal Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Characterisation Report 2016 NECR463 2022/12/14
Dover to Folkestone MCZ 2016 Survey Report NECR302 2021/04/09
Dover to Folkestone Marine Conservation Zone 2016 Monitoring Report NECR365 2022/04/20
Drigg Coast, Ravenglass Estuary Intertidal Surveys (Lot 1) 2014 NECR408 2022/06/16
ELM guidance digital media research literature review and behavioural analysis NECR288 2020/06/10
Earthworms in England: distribution, abundance and habitats NECR145 2014/04/04
Ecohydrological Investigation and Characterisation of three proposed SSSI Units: Boswens North, Bussow Moor and Boswarva North, West Penwith, Cornwall (2019) NECR349 2021/02/09
Econets, landscape & people: Integrating people's values and cultural ecosystem services into the design of ecological networks and other landscape change proposals NECR180 2015/05/19
Economic valuation of uplands ecosystem services NECR029 2009/11/12
Economic, biodiversity, resource protection and social values of orchards: A study of six orchards by the Herefordshire Orchards Community Evaluation Project NECR090 2012/05/04
Ecosystem services from Environmental Stewardship that benefit agricultural production NECR102 2012/08/16
Embedding an evidence-led, best-practice culture of engagement: learning from the evidence NECR448 2022/08/02
Engaging children on the autistic spectrum with the natural environment: Teacher insight study and evidence review NECR116 2013/06/28
England’s changing landscapes: A review of landscape change in England from 1940 to 2010 NECR109 2013/02/21
English Seabird Conservation and Recovery Pathway – Seabird Sensitivity Evidence Review NECR456 2022/11/17
Environmental variables for distribution modelling of UK marine megafauna species NECR447 2022/10/25
European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus (L.)) Recovery Management Plan for the Solway Firth Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) NECR360 2021/06/24
Evaluating the impacts of limiting free choice in management option selection by Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) applicants NECR117 2013/07/19
Evaluation of EU LIFE Fund in the UK NECR266 2019/07/02
Evaluation of Management Plan Options in Environmental Stewardship NECR007 2009/05/15
Evaluation of genetic diversity and admixture in the only English population of least water-lily (Nuphar pumila) NECR245 2017/12/12
Evaluation of the Upland Ecosystem Service Pilots NECR254 2018/09/10
Expanding delivery of care farming services to health and social care commissioners NECR194 2015/08/06
Experiencing Landscapes: Capturing the cultural services and experiential qualities of landscape NECR024 2009/10/09
Experiencing Landscapes: Towards a judgement-making framework for ‘cultural services’ and ‘experiential qualities’ NECR045 2011/12/06
Facilitating dynamic and inclusive biodiversity conservation in Britain: An Anthropocene perspective NECR413 2022/07/13
Fal & Helford Special Area of Conservation Subtidal Sediment Data Analysis Report 2017 NECR387 2022/03/09
Falmouth and St.Austell pSPA bird bycatch analysis report year 1 - 2014 NECR231 2017/04/20
Field testing of eDNA technologies to detect populations of non-native crayfish in Cumbria rivers NECR326 2020/10/14
Full baseline Phase 1 and Phase 2 inter-tidal mapping survey of the rocky habitats of Whitsand and Looe Bay MCZ. RP2935 2020/10/07
Functional linkage: How areas that are functionally linked to European sites have been considered when they may be affected by plans and projects - a review of authoritative decisions NECR207 2016/02/29
Future environmental scenarios for offshore wind expansion NECR444 2022/10/03
GenePools: Investigating the life that dwells in garden ponds NECR454 2023/05/30
Genetic diversity analysis of beavers (Castor fiber) in England NECR433 2022/08/02
Geodiversity Action Plans: The use of indicators in progress reporting NECR051 2010/09/24
Geomorphic and Ecohydrological Monitoring and Prioritisation Report NECR142 2014/03/07
Global drivers of change to 2060 NECR030 2009/11/26
Good practice in social prescribing for mental health: the role of nature-based interventions NECR228 2017/01/18
Green Bridges: A literature review NECR181 2015/07/27
Green Infrastructure – Valuation Tools Assessment NECR126 2013/09/27
Green Infrastructure: Mainstreaming the Concept - Understanding and applying the principles of Green Infrastructure in South Worcestershire NECR079 2012/02/03
Green space access, green space use, physical activity and overweight NECR067 2011/04/04
Greening Dementia - a literature review of the benefits and barriers facing individuals living with dementia in accessing the natural environment and local greenspace NECR137 2013/11/21
Guidance on the size and spacing of Marine Protected Areas in England NECR037 2010/05/17
Hard Hill experimental plots on Moor House – Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve - A review of the experimental set up NECR321 2020/07/28
Hartland Point to Tintagel MCZ 2019 Survey Report NECR313 2021/04/09
Healthy Estuaries 2020: An Assessment of Estuary Morphological Equilibrium NECR250 2018/07/23
Higher Level Stewardship permissive access evaluation NECR113 2013/06/11
Holderness Inshore MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR303 2021/04/09
Horizon scanning for new invasive non-native animal species in England NECR009 2009/05/22
Horizon-scanning for invasive non-native plants in Great Britain NECR053 2011/01/28
Identification of Functionally Linked Land supporting Special Protection Areas (SPAs) waterbirds in the North West of England NECR361 2021/10/14
Identification of Wintering Wildfowl High Tide Roosts & Recreational Disturbance Impacts on the Taw Torridge Estuary Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) NECR281 2019/10/01
  Identification of wintering and passage roosts on functionally linked land of the Severn Estuary - Gloucestershire and Worcestershire (Phase 5) NECR401 2022/11/30
Identifying best practice in management of activities on Marine Protected Areas NECR108 2012/12/05
Impacts of Ash Dieback Hymenoscyphus fraxineus (Chalara) on priority lichens and potential mitigation options NECR428 2022/09/07
Included outside: Evidence synthesis for engaging under-represented groups in nature NECR427 2022/09/06
Increasing landscape connectivity: evaluating the risks that this will encourage invasive non-native species NECR146 2014/05/01
Increasing the Resilience of the UK’s Special Protection Areas to Climate Change NECR202 2016/11/17
  Information on Nature Based Solutions as Nutrient Mitigation NBS2024 2024/03/07
Inner Dowsing, Race Bank and North Ridge SAC and Haisborough, Hammond and Winterton SAC Survey Report 2016 NECR315 2021/04/09
Invertebrate traps and DNA – literature review NECR423 2022/05/06
Investigating effects of shipping on common scoter and red-throated diver distributions in Liverpool Bay Special Protection Area (SPA) NECR425 2022/10/11
Investigating the Impacts of Marine Invasive Non-Native Species NECR223 2016/09/14
Investigating the impacts of windfarm development on peatlands in England NECR032 2010/01/08
Investigation of the impact of changes in pesticide use on invertebrate populations NECR182 2016/09/16
Is it nice outside? - Consulting people living with dementia and their carers about engaging with the natural environment NECR211 2016/03/11
Is ‘minimising the footprint’ an effective intervention to maximise the recovery of intertidal sediments from disturbance? Phase 1: Literature review NECR110 2013/03/01
Isles of Scilly Complex SAC: Reef Feature Condition Assessment - Kelp forest communities and vertical rock: 2013 baseline dive survey NECR160 2014/11/11
Isles of Scilly Special Area of Conservation Subtidal Sediment Data Analysis Report 2017 NECR422 2022/03/09
Isles of Scilly eelgrass bed voluntary monitoring programme: 2014 Annual Survey NECR178 2015/02/27
Isles of Scilly seagrass mapping NECR087 2011/08/09
Kaleidoscope: Improving support for black, Asian and ethnic communities to access services from the natural environment and heritage sectors NECR127 2013/09/05
Kingmere MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR304 2021/04/09
LIFE Recreation - ReMEDIES River Medina and Osborne Bay, Isle of Wight Subtidal Seagrass Surveys 2020 NECR372 2021/06/29
LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Advanced Mooring Systems Modelling: Project Summary Report NECR424 2022/05/06
LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Behaviour Change Project: Understanding the behavioural context NECR371 2021/12/17
LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES – Isles of Scilly Seagrass Survey (2020) NECR358 2021/05/26
Latchmore Brook Restoration Options Appraisal NECR143 2014/03/07
Learning in the Natural Environment: Review of social and economic benefits and barriers NECR092 2012/05/10
Lichen survey of Pixton Park Surrounds and the attempted transplantation of Fuscopannaria mediterranea 2018 NECR384 2022/03/29
Lichen survey of Pixton Park, Exmoor Somerset 2017 NECR383 2022/03/29
Listening to young people’s views of the coast: Living Coast Youth Voice NECR264 2019/09/27
Literature review and analysis of the effectiveness of mitigation measures to address environmental impacts of linear transport infrastructure on protected species and habitats NECR132 2013/11/12
Living Coast: Understanding Local Perspectives and Values of the Coast using Community Voice Method in Portsmouth and on the Durham Heritage Coast NECR282 2019/09/24
Local Record Centres Business Model Review NECR057 2010/12/07
Local Records Centre Accreditation Implementation NECR093 2012/07/10
Long term effectiveness of Environmental Stewardship in conserving upland hay meadows in the Pennine Dales NECR138 2014/06/03
Lugg Meadows Vegetation Study NECR071 2011/11/04
Lyme Bay - A case study: Response of the benthos to the zoned exclusion of towed demersal fishing gear in Lyme Bay; 5 years after the closure NECR219 2016/09/15
Lyme Bay - A case study: Response of the benthos to the zoned exclusion of towed demersal fishing gear in Lyme Bay; 6 years after the closure NECR220 2016/09/15
Lyme Bay - A case study: Response of the benthos to the zones exclusion of towed demersal fishing gear in Lyme Bay; 4 years after closure NECR218 2016/09/15
MSFD Sponge and Anthozoan Indicator Trial Lyme Bay 2017 & 2018 NECR296 2020/06/11
  Managing Ecosystem Services Evidence Review (Formerly Ecosystem Services Transfer Toolkit NECR159) JP033 2020/08/26
Managing marine recreational activities: a review of evidence NECR242 2017/11/27
Managing soil biota to deliver ecosystem services NECR100 2012/10/04
Mapping the status of upland peat using aerial photographs NECR089 2012/02/21
Marine birds: vision-based wind turbine collision mitigation NECR432 2022/10/06
Marine ecosystem services NECR088 2012/02/08
Measuring the extent to which greenhouse gas emission savings achieved by Environmental Stewardship are displaced on-farm NECR121 2013/09/09
Medway Estuary MCZ 2019 Subtidal Survey Report NECR305 2021/04/09
Meeting the MPA Network Principle of Viability: Feature specific recommendations for species and habitats of conservation importance NECR043 2010/06/11
Mersey Estuary Saltmarsh Survey 2016 NECR247 2018/01/18
Mersey Narrows and North Wirral Foreshore Sites of Special Scientific Interest - Investigation into the impacts of Recreational Disturbance on Bird Declines NECR201 2015/11/18
Meta-analysis of eDNA metabarcoding data from UK lakes optimising species detection probability and sampling effort NECR325 2020/11/13
Modelling potential areas for Seagrass restoration within Plymouth Sound & Estuaries SAC and Solent Maritime SAC as part of the LIFE fund Recreation ReMEDIES project, 2020 NECR430 2022/07/01
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment - The national survey on people and the natural environment - Visits to coastal England NECR226 2016/10/24
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE): Attitudes towards the natural environment - Findings of additional survey analysis NECR055 2011/05/26
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment (MENE): Comparison of MENE and England Leisure Visits Survey 2005 NECR056 2011/01/11
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment Survey: developing a method to measure nature connection across the English population (adults and children) NECR233 2017/06/22
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment survey (2009 - 2012): Visit taking in the South Pennines NECR150 2014/05/16
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: a pilot to develop an indicator of visits to the natural environment by children NECR208 2016/02/10
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: Analysis of expenditure during visits NECR177 2015/02/24
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Annual Report from the 2009-10 survey NECR049 2010/09/06
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Annual Report from the 2010-11 survey NECR083 2011/07/07
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Annual Report from the 2011-12 survey NECR094 2012/07/03
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Technical Report (2009-10 survey) NECR050 2010/09/06
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Technical Report (2010-11 survey) NECR084 2011/06/30
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Technical Report (2011-12 survey) NECR095 2012/07/03
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment - Wellbeing and the natural environment NECR129 2013/10/04
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment: Annual report from the 2012 - 2013 survey NECR122 2013/07/30
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: The national survey on people and the natural environment: Technical Report from the 2012 - 2013 survey NECR123 2013/07/30
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: a pilot for an indicator of visits to the natural environment by children - interim findings from Year 1 (March 2013 to February 2014) NECR166 2015/01/13
Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment: exploring the relationship between visit frequency and attitudes towards the natural environment NECR232 2017/06/22
Monitoring Intertidal Sandflats of the Isles of Scilly Special Area of Conservation: Survey of the Infaunal Organisms of St. Martin’s Sedimentary Shore, September 2009 NECR042 2010/06/15
Monitoring and modelling ecosystem services: A scoping study for the ecosystem services pilots NECR073 2011/12/01
Monitoring grey seal (Halichoerus grypus) pupping sites in Cornwall 2016 NECR262 2020/02/19
Monitoring grey seal Halichoerus grypus pupping sites in Cornwall 2019-2020 NECR322 2020/11/18
Monitoring grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) in the Isles of Scilly during the 2010 pupping season (August to December 2010) NECR103 2012/10/22
Monitoring of Lamprey in the Solway Special Area of Conservation (SAC) 2015 NECR409 2022/04/27
Monitoring the Impacts of Entry Level Stewardship NECR133 2013/12/13
Monitoring the outcomes of Higher Level Stewardship: Results of a 3-year agreement monitoring programme NECR114 2013/08/12
  Morecambe Bay SAC Intertidal Reef Surveys 2015: Final Report NECR395 2021/11/17
  Morecambe Bay SAC Subtidal Cobble and Boulder Skear Communities Drop-down Video Survey NECR394 2021/11/17
Mounts Bay Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Characterisation Report 2016 NECR366 2022/04/20
NECR460 Edition 1 Scoping object-based change detection for Living England NECR460 2023/11/13
NECR465 Edition 1 Assemblage composition in key habitats of Marine Protected Areas NECR465 2023/11/13
NECR467 Ecologically connected network think piece NECR467 2023/08/01
NECR468 Edition 1 Bayesian occupancy models for populations of crawfish Palinus elephas NECR468 2023/11/24
NECR469 Tilbury Fort Marshes Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey Report 2022 NECR469 2023/08/02
NECR472 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Breeding Birds report NECR472 2023/08/02
NECR477 Audit review and prioritisation for marine invasive non-native species biosecurity planning in England NECR477 2023/08/24
NECR481 Edition 1 Seagrass in the Stour Orwell and Blackwater 2020-21 NECR481 2024/04/10
NECR482 edition 1 Lundy Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Monitoring Report 2017 NECR482 2024/04/10
NECR483 Edition 1 Identification of Functionally Linked Land in the North West of England – Phase 2 NECR483 2023/11/17
NECR484 Edition 1 Three Wildfires in England NECR484 2023/11/14
NECR485 Edition 1 Biodiversity targets and whole biodiversity assemblage monitoring for SSSI NECR485 2023/08/31
NECR489 The Impact of Conservation Grazing on GHG emissions NECR489 2024/02/19
NECR490 Agricultural Ponds Review TEP Report NECR490 2023/09/13
NECR494 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Vascular Plant and Charophyte Survey 2022 NECR494 2023/10/23
NECR497 UK Barcode of Life: 2023 project update NECR497 2023/08/03
NECR498 Edition 1 Peak District National Park Wildfire Risk Assessment Review NECR498 2024/05/07
NECR499 Edition 1 Informing nature recovery in England by analysing “bottlenecks” in broad habitats NECR499 2024/04/26
NECR500 People and Nature Survey Analysis 2023 NECR500 2023/09/07
NECR501 Edition 1 Assessment of environmental impacts of proposed floating offshore wind design envelope NECR501 2024/06/03
NECR503 eDNA monitoring of restoration effects on the River Severn (Phase II) Unlocking the Severn LIFE project NECR503 2024/03/05
NECR505 Edition 1 Offshore Demonstration Site Demand and Feasibility Study NECR505 2024/06/03
NECR508 Edition 1 LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Advanced Mooring Systems worldwide NECR508 2024/01/09
NECR512 Consideration of avoidance behaviour of northern gannet (Morus bassanus) in collision risk modelling for offshore wind farm impact assessments NECR512 2023/09/25
NECR516 Developing eDNA approaches for the detection of European smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) on the River Wyre NECR516 2024/01/18
NECR518 Edition 1 Isles of Scilly Eelgrass Bed Voluntary Monitoring Programme 2021 Annual Survey NECR518 2024/04/17
NECR520 Art in Support of Changing Coastal Environment NECR520 2023/12/19
NECR521 Edition 1 Genetic analysis of Zostera sp. samples from the East of England. A regional case-study of the genetic diversity of Zostera sp. across the UK NECR521 2024/04/04
NECR522 An assessment of dwarf eelgrass (Zostera noltii) water quality nutrients NECR522 2024/01/23
NECR523 Forming a Young Advisory Group for Natural England’s Children’s People and Nature Survey (C-PANS) NECR523 2024/02/14
NECR524 Taxonomic composition and recording of priority habitat maerl using citizen science data NECR524 2024/01/19
NECR525 Solent Maritime SAC Subtidal Seagrass Condition Monitoring NECR525 2024/03/05
NECR526 Cromer Shoal Chalk Beds MCZ 2022 Imagery Analysis NECR526 2024/03/06
NECR529 National Vegetation Survey of Quarry Hangers SSSI and Quarry Dean Meadows NECR529 2024/04/15
NECR530 Edition 1 North Thames Estuary & Marshes Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Survey Report 2022 NECR530 2024/04/05
NECR532 Lands End and Cape Bank SAC 2018 Monitoring Report NECR532 2024/02/22
NECR533 Lizard Point Special Area of Conservation - Condition Monitoring Survey 2017 NECR533 2024/02/27
NECR538 Evidence Base Development for Nature-Based Nutrient Mitigation Solutions – Literature Review NECR538 2024/03/07
NECR539 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Agroforestry for Nutrient Mitigation NECR539 2024/03/07
NECR540 Revised DRA for the Conservation Translocation of the Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber) to England NECR540 2024/01/16
NECR541 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Riparian Buffer Strips for Nutrient Mitigation NECR541 2024/03/07
NECR542 Information on How to Deliver and Assess River Channel Re-Naturalisation for Nutrient Mitigation NECR542 2024/03/07
NECR545 Information on How to Deliver and Assess Engineered Logjams for Nutrient Mitigation NECR545 2024/03/07
NECR548 Edition 1 Assessment of wild living beaver populations on the River Exe and River Taw NECR548 2024/05/16
NECR558 Edition 1 The Bernwood population of Bechstein's Bats NECR558 2024/05/31
NECR559 Edition 1 Assessment of wild living beaver populations in East Kent NECR559 2024/05/21
NEWP32 Transport green corridors: options appraisal and opportunity mapping NECR168 2014/12/15
NVC and Condition Assessment Surveys of West Penwith Moor Cornwall (2012) NECR343 2021/02/09
NVC and Condition Assessment Surveys, West Penwith Moors, Cornwall (2019) NECR348 2021/02/08
National Natural Capital Atlas: Mapping Indicators NECR285 2020/02/13
National Vegetation Classification (NVC) Survey 2014: Pixton Park, near Dulverton, Somerset NECR382 2022/03/29
Natural Capital Atlases: Mapping Indicators for County and City Regions NECR318 2020/07/03
Natural Connections Demonstration Project, 2012-2016: Final Report and Analysis of the Key Evaluation Questions NECR215 2016/07/14
  Natural England publishing standards for commissioned reports NECR000 2020/02/27
Natural Leaders: Actions for local environmental leadership NECR047 2010/07/07
Nature visuals: Diversity in images of England’s green and natural spaces NECR375 2022/01/14
Nettlecombe Park Saproxylic Invertebrate Survey 2019 NECR363 2021/07/22
Nettlecombe Park Site Condition Assessment for Lichen Interests 2010 NECR362 2021/07/22
New Forest SSSI Ecohydrological Survey Overview NECR141 2014/03/06
New Forest SSSI Geomorphological Survey Overview NECR140 2014/03/06
Newquay and The Gannel MCZ 2017 Survey Report NECR306 2021/04/09
Newquay and the Gannel Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Monitoring Report 2017 NECR367 2022/04/20
Non-breeding season populations of seabirds in UK waters: Population sizes for Biologically Defined Minimum Population Scales (BDMPS) NECR164 2015/01/22
North Thames Estuary and Marshes – LTC4 area Terrestrial Invertebrate Survey NECR473 2023/05/09
Nutrient Neutrality Generic Methodology NECR459 2022/11/24
Ocean acidification: the facts NECR034 2009/12/01
Offshore monitoring of Annex I reef habitat present within the Isles of Scilly Special Area of Conservation (SAC) NECR125 2013/09/17
Offshore wind farms and birds: incorporating uncertainty in collision risk models: a test of Masden (2015) NECR237 2017/09/28
Otter Estuary rMCZ Intertidal Rock and Sediment Verification Survey 2013 NECR354 2021/05/07
Pacific Oyster survey of the North East Kent European marine sites NECR016 2009/07/28
Padstow Bay and Surrounds MCZ 2015 Inshore Survey Report NECR353 2021/04/09
Palaeoecological evidence to inform identification of potential climatic change refugia and areas for ecological restoration NECR163 2014/11/21
Palinurus elephas (spiny lobster/crawfish/crayfish) in the South-West NECR297 2020/06/11
Penwith Farmscoper Report NECR486 2023/06/27
Penwith Moors Vascular Plant Survey (2019) NECR341 2021/01/14
Phosphorous in Package Treatment Plant effluents NECR221 2016/09/02
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: avoidance rate review NECR196 2015/10/06
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: collision risk modelling NECR197 2015/10/06
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: population model NECR198 2015/10/06
Pixton Park Invertebrate Survey 2017 NECR381 2022/03/29
Pixton Park ancient and veteran tree assessment 2015 NECR379 2022/04/04
Pixton Park and woods lichen survey, 1987 NECR380 2022/03/29
Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC Littoral Habitats Condition Monitoring 2017 ER17-348 2020/04/21
Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC: subtidal reef communities survey 2017/18 NECR295 2020/06/11
Plymouth Sound and Estuaries Special Area of Conservation Subtidal Sediment Data Analysis Report 2017 NECR389 2022/03/09
Population estimates for urban and natural nesting Herring Gull Larus argentatus and Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus in England JNCC21_02 2021/02/25
Potential for joined up marine monitoring and data collection between Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies and industry NECR115 2013/07/15
Potential risk of impacts of nitrogen oxides from road traffic on designated nature conservation sites NECR200 2016/02/18
Proceedings of the 10th National Heathland Conference: Managing Heathlands in the Face of Climate Change NECR014 2009/07/17
Production of a draft modelled marine boundary extension for the Isles of Scilly SPA NECR259 2019/04/02
Promoting Green Space in Stoke-on-Trent (ProGreSS) NECR076 2011/09/16
Radio Tracking Study of Greater Horseshoe Bats at Dean Hall, Littledean, Cinderford (Second phase - linked to NERR012) NECR021 2009/09/17
Re-evaluating the sensitivity of habitats to climate change NECR478 2023/06/05
Recent evidence from the Lizard Peninsula for the existence of microrefugia NECR279 2020/01/07
Remedial Works for the Catch Dykes at Decoy Carr, Acle NECR239 2017/10/17
Remedial Works for the Catch Dykes at Ebb and Flow Marshes NECR240 2017/10/17
Report on 2011 Isles of Scilly Zostera marina survey NECR124 2013/09/17
Representativity and replication for a coherent network of Marine Protected Areas in England’s territorial waters NECR018 2009/08/03
Research on the assessment of risks & opportunities for species in England as a result of climate change NECR175 2015/07/22
Results of the 2012/13 visitor survey on the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area (SPA) NECR136 2014/02/13
Review and analysis of changes in waterbird use of the Mersey Estuary SPA, Mersey Narrows & North Wirral Foreshore pSPA and Ribble & Alt Estuaries SPA NECR173 2015/05/27
Review of Favourable Conservation Status and Birds Directive Article 2 interpretation within the European Union NECR176 2015/03/17
Review of literature: how transport’s soft estate has enhanced green infrastructure, ecosystem services, and transport resilience in the EU NECR169 2014/12/15
Review of red squirrel conservation activity in northern England NECR019 2009/09/16
Review of the evidence for organic pollution thresholds to protect rivers with special designations for wildlife NECR023 2009/10/29
Risk-based approach to Remote Electronic Monitoring for English inshore fisheries NECR437 2022/09/07
River Eye SSSI: Strategic Restoration Plan NECR183 2015/07/15
River Eye SSSI: Strategic Restoration Plan - Technical Report NECR184 2015/07/15
River Wensum Restoration Strategy NECR010 2009/06/26
Runnel Stone MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR307 2021/04/09
Runswick Bay MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR308 2021/04/09
Salcombe to Kingsbridge Estuary SSSI Subtidal Seagrass Surveys 2017-18 NECR355 2021/05/06
Scenarios compendium NECR031 2011/02/01
School Leader and Teacher Insights into Learning Outside the Classroom in Natural Environments NECR097 2012/07/17
Scientific research into the effects of access on nature conservation: Part 1: access on foot NECR012 2009/11/03
Scientific research into the effects of access on nature conservation: Part 2: access on bicycle and horseback NECR013 2009/06/17
Scour and Cable Protection Decommissioning Study NECR403 2022/03/14
Seagrass Natural Capital Assessment: Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC NECR420 2022/10/13
Seagrass Natural Capital Assessment: The Essex Estuaries SAC NECR417 2022/10/13
Seagrass Natural Capital Assessment: The Isles of Scilly Complex SAC NECR419 2022/10/13
  Seagrass Natural Capital Assessment: The Solent Maritime SAC NECR421 2022/10/13
Seagrass and Maerl Natural Capital Literature Review NECR416 2022/10/13
Seagrass condition monitoring in Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC 2018 NECR294 2020/06/11
Seal Necropsies in England NECR263 2020/02/20
Seascape Characterisation around the English Coast (Marine Plan Areas 3 and 4 and Part of Area 6 Pilot Study) NECR106 2012/10/11
Seaweed aquaculture and mechanical harvesting: an evidence review to support sustainable management NECR378 2021/12/16
Shell Flat and Lune Deep SAC 2017 Survey Report NECR351 2021/04/09
Shell Flat and Lune Deep Special Area of Conservation (SAC) Monitoring Report 2017 NECR368 2022/04/20
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) Economics NECR415 2022/07/13
Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) in England NECR414 2022/07/18
Small-scale effects: How the scale of effects has been considered in respect of plans and projects affecting European sites - a review of authoritative decisions NECR205 2016/02/29
Social Science in the Natural Environment (SSINE): Moving towards interdisciplinarity JP045 2022/08/02
Social and economic benefits of learning in natural environments NECR442 2022/11/24
Social dimensions of beaver reintroduction in England: qualitative research pilot NECR323 2021/08/25
  Solway Firth SAC / Allonby Bay pMCZ Rocky Scar Grounds and Annex I Reef Drop-down Video Survey NECR391 2021/11/16
  Solway Firth SAC Rocky Scar Ground Community Condition Monitoring 2014 NECR392 2021/11/16
  South Walney Lagoons: Species Composition Monitoring NECR398 2021/11/30
Spatial assessment of benthic compensatory habitats for offshore wind farm impacts NECR443 2022/10/05
Special Area of Conservation Condition Assessment Monitoring: Grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) in the Isles of Scilly during the 2016 pupping season NECR261 2020/02/19
Spurn Geomorphological Assessment NECR255 2018/10/04
  Standards, methodology and protocols for sampling and identification of grassland fungus species NECR374 2021/12/07
Stepping Forward - The Stakeholder Working Group on Unrecorded Public Rights of Way: Report to Natural England NECR035 2010/03/25
Studland Bay Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ): Subtidal Seagrass Monitoring Survey 2021 NECR449 2023/03/09
Studland to Portland SAC 2017 Survey Report NECR352 2021/04/09
Survey and analysis of vegetation and hydrological change in English dune slack habitats NECR153 2014/08/14
Survey of rare lichens West Penwith Moors Cornwall (2013) NECR334 2021/01/15
Temporary effects: How the longevity of effects has been considered in respect of plans and projects affecting European sites - a review of authoritative decisions NECR206 2016/02/29
Tern verification surveys for marine sites 2015 NECR212 2016/05/20
Testing the effectiveness of climate change adaptation principles for biodiversity conservation NECR112 2013/03/21
Thanet Coast MCZ 2017/18 Survey Report NECR309 2021/04/09
Thanet Coast Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Monitoring Report 2017-18 NECR370 2022/04/20
The Dormouse Reintroduction Programme: A review NECR144 2014/03/20
The Messy Challenge of Environmental Justice in the UK: Evolution, Status and Prospects NECR273 2019/07/17
The Needles MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR310 2021/04/09
The Needles Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Monitoring Report 2018 NECR369 2022/04/20
The aquatic ecological status of the rivers of the Upper Dove Catchment in 2009 NECR046 2010/12/17
The development of a lowland heathland structured species surveillance partnership and sites network NECR154 2014/09/19
The ecological effects of air pollution from road transport: an updated review NECR199 2016/02/18
The ecology of grass-wrack pondweed Potamogeton compressus NECR130 2013/10/14
  The economic and health impacts of walking on English coastal paths: a baseline study for future evaluation NECR283 2019/12/23
The economic impact of Natural England’s National Nature Reserves NECR131 2013/10/11
The efficacy of DNA sequencing on samples of terrestrial invertebrates 2018/2019 NECR388 2022/01/31
The feasibility and acceptability of reintroducing the European beaver to England NECR002 2009/03/17
The impact of phosphorus inputs from small discharges on designated freshwater sites NECR170 2015/02/03
The management of natural coastal carbon sinks NECR033 2009/12/01
The regeneration of bryophytes after the burning of dry heath (H12a) and wet heath (M16d) moorland on the North York Moors NECR011 2009/06/22
The role of landscape and site scale characteristics in making species populations resilient to climate change and extreme events NECR149 2015/08/10
The role of trees outside woodlands in providing habitat and ecological networks for saproxylic invertebrates NECR225 2016/12/01
The state of the UK’s long-term experiments NECR203 2015/12/14
The status of Habitats Directive Annex I saltmarsh habitats, transition zones and Spartina species in England NECR185 2015/08/18
The sustainability of shellfish harvesting and its effects on the reef habitats within the north east Kent European marine sites (inter-tidal) NECR044 2010/06/29
The translocation of freshwater pearl mussels: a review of reasons, methods and success and a new protocol for England NECR229 2016/12/16
The vegetation of the Severn/Avon Vale Floodplain Meadows NECR052 2010/09/16
Torbay MCZ Seagrass Baseline Monitoring: 2019 NECR293 2020/06/11
Traditional Orchard Project in England: The creation of an inventory to support the UK Habitat Action Plan NECR077 2011/05/05
Trends in Pastoral Commoning NECR001 2009/02/12
UK Barcode of Life: 2022 project update NECR457 2022/12/14
Upland Ecosystems Service: assessing the links between environment, land management and service delivery for 4 key services NECR028 2009/11/12
Upland ecosystem services: Phase I NECR020 2010/02/26
Upper Teesdale: changes in upland hay meadow vegetation over the past twenty to thirty years - results presented from botanical surveys NECR139 2014/03/07
Urban nesting Herring Gull Larus argentatus and Lesser Black-backed Gulls Larus fuscus population estimates: devising species-specific correction models for ground-based survey data JNCC21_01 2021/02/25
Using Behavioural Insights to Reduce Recreation Impacts on Wildlife: Guidance & Case Studies from Thames Basin Heaths and the Solent NECR329 2021/01/29
  Using Healthy Estuaries to Provide a Morphological Characterisation of the Dee Estuary and the Estuaries in and Adjacent to Morecambe Bay NECR396 2021/11/17
Using novel palaeolimnological techniques to define lake conservation objectives NECR022 2009/10/02
Utopia MCZ 2016 Survey Report NECR311 2021/04/09
Valuing Ecosystem Services: Case Studies from Lowland England NECR101 2012/08/15
Visits to the natural environment in East London: Analysis of data from the Monitor of Engagement with the Natural Environment survey (2009-2013) NECR167 2015/01/13
Walking for Health Attendance Study: An analysis of attendance patterns of Walking for Health participants NECR098 2012/07/30
Walking for Health: ‘inactive’ walkers – barriers to participation, and activity substitution NECR068 2011/05/03
Waterbird population trend analysis of the Mersey Estuary SPA, Mersey Narrows & North Wirral Foreshore pSPA and Ribble & Alt Estuaries SPA NECR172 2015/05/27
Watercress growing and its environmental impacts on chalk rivers in England NECR027 2009/10/13
West Penwith Ecohydrological Investigation and Characterisation (Phase 3, 2020-21) NECR399 2022/03/22
West Penwith Ecohydrological Investigation and Characterisation – Site Visit Report (Phase 3, 2020-21) NECR402 2022/03/22
West Penwith Habitat Survey 2013, Hewins Ecology NECR346 2021/02/08
West Penwith Habitat Surveys 2014, Hewins Ecology NECR347 2021/02/08
West Penwith Moors targeted rare insect species survey (2015) NECR336 2021/01/14
West Penwith Moors, Cornwall Bryophyte survey (2013) NECR333 2021/01/14
West Penwith Moors, Cornwall – Breeding Bird Survey 2014 NECR335 2021/01/15
West Penwith Moors, Cornwall, Dartford Warbler Survey 2015 NECR338 2021/01/15
West Penwith Moors, Cornwall. Collation of existing bird data - 2013 NECR337 2021/01/15
West Penwith Moors, Cornwall: Invertebrate sample survey for Broad and Specific Assemblage Type identification. (2015) NECR340 2021/01/14
West of Walney MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR314 2021/04/09
West of Walney Marine Conservation Zone (MCZ) Monitoring Report 2018 NECR464 2023/03/02
Westward Ho!: Geomorphological Specialist Assessment NECR317 2020/07/08
What are the benefits of assisted versus natural recovery? NECR475 2023/02/24
What do we know about the birds and habitats of the North Kent Marshes?: Baseline data collation and analysis NECR082 2011/06/20
What impact did Walking for Health have on the physical activity levels of participants? NECR075 2012/07/30
Whitsand and Looe Bay MCZ 2018 Survey Report NECR312 2021/04/09
Whitsand and Looe Bay MCZ and surround subtidal sediment data analysis and reporting (2017) NECR357 2021/05/26
Wild Adventure Space: its role in teenagers’ lives NECR025 2010/05/20
Wild beaver population assessment on the River Avon and tributaries NECR470 2023/03/09
Yarmouth to Cowes MCZ intertidal baseline survey NECR553 2024/05/22
eDNA Detection of Cipangopaludina chinensis in ditch systems at Pevensey Levels, Sussex NECR410 2022/04/29