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Morecambe Bay SAC Intertidal Reef Surveys 2015: Final Report (NECR395)

APEM was commissioned by Natural England to conduct an intertidal survey of the intertidal reef habitats within Morecambe Bay Special Area of Conservation (SAC) as part of routine and long-term monitoring of this designated area (Figure 1). The work has been conducted in collaboration with the Centre for Marine & Coastal Studies (CMACS). The purpose of this survey was to assess selected reef features and associated attributes associated within Morecambe Bay as part of the SAC monitoring requirements. This will allow condition assessment judgements to be made on the components of the SAC.
This document outlines the methodology and results of the intertidal reef surveys conducted in 2015. It highlights the notable communities encountered on site and provides a general account of anthropogenic pressures identified at the time of survey that may impact the SAC integrity.

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NECR395 - Edition 1: Morecambe Bay SAC Intertidal Reef Surveys 2015: Final Report, PDF, 6.4 MB 2021/11/17