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A review of the status of the beetles of Great Britain: The stag beetles, dor beetles, dung beetles, chafers and their allies - Lucanidae, Geotrupidae, Trogidae and Scarabaeidae (NECR224)

This report was commissioned to update the national threat status of beetles within the Lucanidae, Geotrupidae, Trogidae and Scarabaeidae. It covers all species in these groups, identifying those that are rare and/or under threat as well as non-threatened and non-native species.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NECR224 Scarabaeoidea Species Status Review edition 1, PDF, 1.3 MB 2016/10/31
NECR224 Scarabaeoidea Status Review spreadsheet, XLS, 195.6 kB 2016/10/31