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Generating more integrated biodiversity objectives – rationale, principles and practice (NERR071)

This report covers all terrestrial and freshwater-related habitats and their species complements but does not extend to the marine environment. Many of the issues encountered in marine habitats mirror those found in terrestrial and freshwater-related habitats, and as a result much of the rationale and many of the outlined in this report are also applicable (and already applied) in a marine context.

The intention of the report is that it will provide a more harmonised technical basis for specialist advice within Natural England, and help partners and stakeholders to understand our rationale for more integrated biodiversity decision-making. It should be seen as critical ecosystem detail for applying the ‘ecosystem approach’ (adopted under the International Convention on Biological Diversity), which provides a wider framework for environmental decision-making.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NERR071 edition 1 Generating more integrated biodiversity objects rationale, principles and practice, PDF, 2.5 MB 2019/09/06
Appendix A edition 1 Woodlands, PDF, 724.9 kB 2019/09/06
Appendix B edition 1 Open freshwater habitats, PDF, 763.7 kB 2019/09/06
Appendix C edition 1 Lowland grassland habitats, PDF, 836.7 kB 2019/09/06
Appendix D edition 1 Coastal habitats, PDF, 772.4 kB 2019/09/06
Appendix E edition 1 Lowland Heathlands, PDF, 1.3 MB 2019/09/06
Appendix F edition 1 Fen and bog habitats, PDF, 1.5 MB 2019/09/06
Appendix G edition 1 Upland habitats, PDF, 725.4 kB 2019/09/06