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English Nature's Research Programme 2005/2006 (ENRR668)

English Nature had a complex range of statutory duties, ranging from operational activities relating to protected sites, habitats and species, to advice to government on nature conservation policy, particularly for major sectors such as agriculture and fisheries. They also developed their our own response to longer term issues such as sustainable development and climate change. As a consequence their portfolio of commissioned science research was diverse, and constantly being adapted to take account of new conservation issues, and opportunities for improved conservation actions due to new scientific developments, such as DNA sequencing.
Presented here is the research programme for the financial year 2005-6, with projects classified according to the research themes.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR668 RIN, PDF, 30.1 kB 2011/10/05
ENRR668 Main, PDF, 346.1 kB 2011/10/05