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LTMN Stiperstones NNR - target habitat heathland (LTMNB25)

The target habitat for this site is heathland.

An introduction to the NNR can be found in the NNR leaflet attached below.

Data collected:

Weather Air Quality Vegetation Soil Birds Butterflies
2008 onwards 2009 – 2015 2010, 2014 & 201820122002 onwards2002 onwards

Data available to download:

• Air Quality data can be found on the UKEAP data selector website.

• The vegetation data goes through a full QA process and is available to download below.

Update May 2020: all LTMN vegetation surveys (no. 80 surveys, spanning 2010 – 2019) have been transferred to a new template to provide improvements and consistency, and are now fully Quality Assured and republished.

Please note that the permanent plot numbers and locations should be consistent between surveys, for each site. At the time of survey, for any previously installed feno markers that could not be found, a new feno marker was installed at the same GPS coordinates and the plot number changed from e.g. ‘2’ to ‘2a’. High accuracy GPS has been used across two thirds of sites and will be used across the remainder within the next two to three years.

Please also note that for some sites (Bure Marshes, Dark Peak, East Dartmoor Woods & Heaths, Lullington Heath, Mottey Meadows and North Walney), there were adaptations to plot numbering between years and that the most recent plot numbers have now been back-tracked to the earlier surveys to allow comparability, as explained on the front page of the relevant data spreadsheets. For any queries, please contact the Long Term Monitoring Network team for a Master Plot Tracker.

• Soil data for this site can be found on our LTMN Soils protocol page.

• Butterfly data can be found below – and also see UKBMS website.

We are preparing the weather, bird and land management data and will be publishing it in due course. For any specific queries about our data please get in touch with the LTMN mailbox:

This page is part of Natural England’s Long Term Monitoring Network. Please visit this site to learn more about our protocols, volunteering opportunities and newsletters.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
Long Term Monitoring Network vegetation survey Stiperstones NNR 2023, XLSX, 886.3 kB 2024/04/30
Long term monitoring network vegetation survey Stiperstones NNR 2018, XLSX, 772.1 kB 2023/06/16
Long term monitoring network vegetation survey Stiperstones NNR 2014, XLSX, 3.6 MB 2023/06/16
Long term monitoring network vegetation survey Stiperstones NNR 2010, XLSX, 782.3 kB 2023/06/16
Long term monitoring network butterfly transect - Stiperstones UKBMS 2002 - 2018, XLSX, 388.5 kB 2020/11/17


This record relates to the location identified by the marker on the map:

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