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West Penwith Habitat Surveys: Bosullow (part) (survey area 30 (part) – 2021) (NERR113)

Land within Penwith Moors, Cornwall, is being considered for designation as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Land at Bosullow was originally surveyed in 2019 by Natural England. That survey covered an extent of some 3.59 ha, but excluded a section of enclosed land to the north which has since been recognised as being of potential significance in defining the SSSI boundary. To ascertain whether this land parcel meets the published guidelines for the selection of SSSIs a field survey was undertaken in September 2021. A walk-over survey was undertaken from which vegetation communities were identified. All plant communities present were mapped. Whilst no priority habitats were identified other than mosaics of lowland dry acid grassland with other non-priority habitats, the land was ascertained as being the main hydrological catchment for a wetland feature within. This survey is one of many undertaken or commissioned by Natural England to provide the evidence required to identify those areas which should be included in an SSSI designation, to identify the features to be designated and to inform definition of the SSSI boundary. This report will also help to inform future site monitoring and to provide land management advice.

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NERR113 Edition 1 West Penwith Habitat Surveys Bosullow (part) (survey area 30 (part) 2021), PDF, 2.8 MB 2022/06/06

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