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Salisbury Plain SSSI Breeding Bird Survey 2015 (RP02380)

Natural England commissioned Thomson Ecology Ltd on the 18th March 2015 to undertake a Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) of Salisbury Plain Site of Special Scientific interest (SSSI). The BBS is needed to inform the SSSI Integrated Site Assessment (ISA) of 2014-16, and in particular to show how key bird species are faring on Salisbury Plain SSSI, especially in respect of Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) scrub management and grazing programmes. This will help inform DIO’s revised Super Unit Management Plans of 2014-2016.

Project details

Start date2015-04-01
End date2016-01-28

Closing statement

This project provided a representative and statistically robust overview of the breeding birds assemblage on Salisbury Plain, allowing direct comparison against the 2005 and 2000 surveys, and informing the 2014-15 Integrated Site Assessment and outcomes.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
RP02380 - Edition 1 Salisbury Plain SSSI Breeding Birds Survey 2015, PDF, 534.9 kB 2017/06/23


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