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Evidence projects related to birds

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Collision, Displacement and Barrier Effect Concept Note RP02866 2015/06/30
Digital video aerial surveys of marine birds and mammals at Solway Firth Special Protection Area (SPA): February 2021 NECR439 2022/09/06
  Identification Of Wintering Waterfowl High Tide Roosts On The Severn Estuary Sssi/Spa Phase 4 (Gloucestershire, With Part Of South Gloucestershire) RP02966 2018/03/28
  Identification of wintering waterfowl high tide roosts on the Severn Estuary SSSI/SPA (Brean Down to Clevedon) 2015 RP02262 2016/02/11
  Identification of wintering waterfowl roosts in the Severn Estuary SPA/SAC and Ramsar site; Phases 2 and 3 RP02366 2017/02/09
  Mapping and assessing pink-footed goose Anser brachyrhynchus usage of land beyond SPA boundaries in northwest England RP03072 2017/03/02
NECR512 Consideration of avoidance behaviour of northern gannet (Morus bassanus) in collision risk modelling for offshore wind farm impact assessments NECR512 2023/09/25
  Salisbury Plain SSSI Breeding Bird Survey 2015 RP02380 2017/06/23
  Testing sensitivity of metrics of seabird population response to offshore wind farm impacts RP02997 2016/05/17
The status of seabirds breeding in the Isles of Scilly 2015 and 2016 RP2934 2020/05/27