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Environmental Benefits from Nature Tool User Survey Participant Information (SUB_JP038)

What is this survey about?
Thank you for your interest in this survey. This survey is intended to enable Natural England to understand your experience of using the Beta Environmental Benefits from Nature (EBN) Tool. This survey is part of the evaluation of the Beta EBN Tool and seeks to provide information about how the tool is working, who it is working for, why it is working and crucially whether the tool is having an impact on decision-making and the natural environment.

Who is conducting the survey?
Natural England is conducting this survey. Collingwood Environmental Planning has been commissioned by Natural England to evaluate the application of the EBN tool and will analyse the survey results.

Who should answer the survey and when?
We are seeking responses from all those who have used the tool, downloaded it or just considered using it. This includes those who are preparing to use it even if you have not yet applied it. The survey is in two parts so that you can fill in the sections relevant to you including if you consider and then later decide not to use the tool.

• Part A : Considering whether to use the tool – Please complete this short section when you first look at the tool
• Part B: Using the tool – Please complete this section after you have downloaded and used the tool

If you are just completing Part A today, we would encourage you to return to this page to complete Part B if you do apply the tool at a later date. In Part A we invite you to provide your contact details so that we can get back in touch with further information and to provide updates on progress with the project and next steps, including opportunities to provide further input on the tool. We hope that this will help build a community of users of the tool. Part A of the survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. Part B is also designed to be quick to complete – the time taken will depend on how far you have got in applying the tool.

How do I take part?
To complete Part A, please click this link
To complete Part B, please click this link

We would be grateful if the survey could be completed by Friday 14th January 2022 (deadline extended)

For more detailed information about how your input will be used, please read the attached information . Please note that we have modified this survey to allow respondents to answer the questions in two separate parts, at different stages in considering and using the tool. If you filled in the survey before 19/11/21, we have retained your response and your inputs will still be captured.