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Towards Sustainable Estuary Management (ENRR329)

The Review was funded by English Nature, the Environment Agency and the RSPB. It was overseen by a Steering Group comprising: Association of Sea Fisheries Committees, British Ports Association, English Nature, Environment Agency, Local Government Association, RSPB, UK Major Ports Group, The Wildlife Trusts/WWF.

The Steering Group met twice immediately following completion of the contract and produced an initial response which accompanies this preface. This response is intended to serve as a foreword to the Review report.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR329 part 6, PDF, 1.8 MB 2011/10/11
ENRR329 part 5, PDF, 1.8 MB 2011/10/11
ENRR329 part 4, PDF, 2.8 MB 2011/10/11
ENRR329 part 3, PDF, 2.1 MB 2011/10/11
ENRR329 part 2, PDF, 2.7 MB 2011/10/11
ENRR329 part 1, PDF, 1.6 MB 2011/10/11