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Coastal habitats

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Title Code Published
  'Making Connections': Proceedings of the second North East Kent Coastal Conference, 11 November 2004 ENRR630 2005/01/03
A Guide to the Management and Restoration of Coastal Vegetated Shingle MAR0503002 2003/05/01
  A biotope sensitivity database to underpin delivery of the Habitats Directive and Biodiversity Action Plan in the seas around England and Scotland ENRR499 2002/04/01
  A littoral survey of Portland Harbour (Small Mouth Spit area 1994) ENRR146 1994/10/03
  A practical toolkit for assessing cumulative effects of spatial plans and development projects on biodiversity in England ENRR673 2006/02/01
  A survey of the invertebrates of five dunes in Northumberland ENRR046 1992/10/01
Alde-Ore Estuary Complex: National Vegetation Classification 2013 IPENS012 2015/07/15
  An experimental study on the impact of clam dredging of soft sediment macroinvertebrates ENRR013 1992/02/03
  Biotope survey of the Littoral Sediment of the North Norfolk Coast candidate SAC ENRR285 1998/10/01
  Broad scale remote survey and mapping of sub-littoral habitats and biota of The Wash and the Lincolnshire and the North Norfolk coasts ENRR336 1998/10/01
  Broadscale mapping of habitats and biota of the sublittoral seabed of The Wash: Final report of the 1996 Broadscale Mapping Project Survey ENRR238 1996/10/01
Coastal Vegetated Shingle: Development of an evidence base of the extent and quality of shingle habitats in England to improve targeting and delivery of the coastal vegetated shingle HAP NECR054 2010/12/17
  Coastal biodiversity opportunities in the South West Region ENRR640 2005/01/01
  Coastal evolution in Suffolk: an evaluation of geomorphological and habitat change ENRR647 2006/01/01
Coastal saline lagoons and the Water Framework Directive NECR039 2010/05/24
  Coastal squeeze, saltmarsh loss and Special Protection Areas ENRR710 2006/01/02
Comparison of the abundance and distribution of birds along the northern shore of Poole Harbour by day and by night NECR017 2009/09/15
Condition monitoring of saltmarsh features in The Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC: Volume 2 - North Norfolk Coast IPENS026 2015/10/30
Condition monitoring of the saltmarsh feature of The Wash and the North Norfolk Coast SAC: Volume 1 - The Wash IPENS027 2015/10/30
Current Marine and Coastal Issues for North East Kent: Proceedings of the third North East Kent Coastal Conference 9 November 2006 NERR029 2008/12/19
  Desk study to assess the impact of cockle suction dredging on The Wash and North Norfolk Coast European Marine Site ENRR670 2005/10/03
Development of a Coastal Vegetated Shingle Inventory for England NECR015 2009/09/11
  Development of eco-hydrological guidelines for dune habitats – Phase 1 ENRR696 2002/12/02
  Dungeness before 1960: the landscape and the people ENRR571 2005/03/01
  Effects of reductions in organic and nutrient loading on bird populations in estuaries and coastal waters of England and Wales. Phase 2 report ENRR586 2003/12/01
  Environmental opportunities in low lying coastal areas under a scenario of climate change (1991) ENRR016 1991/11/01
  Estuary Special Protection Areas: Establishing baseline targets for shorebirds ENRR428 2001/01/01
  Financial values of five important marine/coastal wildlife areas in England ENRR182 1996/10/01
  Historical perspective and selective review of the literature on human impacts on the UK's marine environment ENRR391 2000/06/01
  Humber Estuary Low Tide Count Programme 2003-2004 ENRR656 2005/08/12
  Identification of biodiversity and geological conservation opportunties in three coastal Natural Areas: Tyne to Tees, Saltburn to Bridlington and Bridlington to Skegness ENRR639 2005/01/01
  Identifying biodiversity opportunities to inform SMP Review: Sheringham to Lowestoft; North Kent Coast; East Kent Coast; Folkestone to Selsey Bill; and Solent and Poole Bay Natural Areas ENRR565 2004/01/01
  Integrated Coastal Zone Management and the Planning System in England ENRR643 2005/01/01
Is ‘minimising the footprint’ an effective intervention to maximise the recovery of intertidal sediments from disturbance? Phase 1: Literature review NECR110 2013/03/01
JP054 Marine Restoration Potential MaRePo JP054 2023/09/12
  Littoral & sublittoral biotope mapping and data capture exercise for the Essex Estuaries Candidate Marine Special Area of Conservation ENRR305 1998/10/01
  Littoral sediments of the Wash and North Norfolk Coast SAC: the 1998 surveys of intertidal sediment and invertebrates ENRR470 2002/01/01
Living with the sea - conservation of dynamic coasts ZZ007 2003/01/01
  Low tide survey of The Wash Special Protection Area, Final report of the winter 2002-2003 shorebird survey ENRR589 2004/01/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around Flamborough head ENRR121 1992/10/01
  Mapping the distribution of benthic biotopes around Thanet coast ENRR154 1994/10/03
  Marine conservation management. A pilot study on the north Northumberland coast ENRR092 1993/10/01
Maritime Cliff and Slope Inventory: MapInfo table Specification TIN010 2007/10/15
Maritime Cliff and Slope Inventory: digitising guidelines and QA procedures TIN011 2007/10/15
  Maritime Cliffs and Slope Inventory 2001 ENRR426 2001/01/01
Maritime cliff and slope inventory 2004/2005 NERR003 2007/11/05
Monitoring Intertidal Sandflats of the Isles of Scilly Special Area of Conservation: Survey of the Infaunal Organisms of St. Martin’s Sedimentary Shore, September 2009 NECR042 2010/06/15
  Moulton Marsh saline lagoon survey, The Wash, Lincolnshire ENRR588 2004/01/01
NECR465 Edition 1 Assemblage composition in key habitats of Marine Protected Areas NECR465 2023/11/13
NECR477 Audit review and prioritisation for marine invasive non-native species biosecurity planning in England NECR477 2023/08/24
NECR481 Edition 1 Seagrass in the Stour Orwell and Blackwater 2020-21 NECR481 2024/04/10
NECR483 Edition 1 Identification of Functionally Linked Land in the North West of England – Phase 2 NECR483 2023/11/17
NECR494 North Thames Estuary and Marshes Vascular Plant and Charophyte Survey 2022 NECR494 2023/10/23
NECR512 Consideration of avoidance behaviour of northern gannet (Morus bassanus) in collision risk modelling for offshore wind farm impact assessments NECR512 2023/09/25
NECR520 Art in Support of Changing Coastal Environment NECR520 2023/12/19
NECR521 Edition 1 Genetic analysis of Zostera sp. samples from the East of England. A regional case-study of the genetic diversity of Zostera sp. across the UK NECR521 2024/04/04
NECR522 An assessment of dwarf eelgrass (Zostera noltii) water quality nutrients NECR522 2024/01/23
NECR530 Edition 1 North Thames Estuary & Marshes Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Survey Report 2022 NECR530 2024/04/05
  Nationally important marine seascapes, habitats and species ENRR392 2000/06/01
Natural England Marine Chalk Characterisation Project NERR080 2020/03/02
  Nature conservation objectives in shoreline management plans: a suggested approach ENRR243 1997/03/03
  Numbers and distribution of the wintering golden plover population in and around the Thanet Coast & Sandwich Bay SPA 2002/2003 ENRR569 2004/01/01
Our coasts and seas - A 21st century agenda for their recovery CORP163 2004/01/01
Our coasts and seas - Making space for people, industry and wildlife CORP169 2005/01/01
  Over view of coastal sand dunes, saltmarsh and vegetated shingle by Natural Area ENRR317 1998/10/01
  Planning for biodiversity – opportunity mapping and habitat networks in practice: a technical guide ENRR687 2006/05/01
Plymouth Sound and Estuaries SAC: subtidal reef communities survey 2017/18 NECR295 2020/06/11
  Preparation and presentation of habitat replacement cost estimates. Using examples of the restoration and creation of coastal and floodplain grazing marsh, reedbeds and lagoons ENRR345 1998/10/01
  Proceedings of the North East Kent Coastal Research Workshop 22 October 2002, Sandwich Bay Bird Observatory ENRR570 2004/01/01
  Protection and management of nationally important Marine habitats and species ENRR390 2000/01/03
  Restoring biodiversity to soft cliffs ENRR398 2001/03/01
  Review of the status of estuarine fishes ENRR034 1993/06/01
  Saline Lagoons and Lagoon-like Saline Ponds in England ENS29 1996/01/01
  Sensitivity and vulnerability to man induced change of selected communities: Intertidal brown algal shrubs Zostera beds and Sabellaria spinulosa reefs ENRR234 1996/10/01
Spartina anglica and its management in estuarine Natura 2000 sites: an update of its status and monitoring future change in England IPENS041 2016/04/05
  Spartina anglica: a review of its status, dynamics and management ENRR527 2004/07/27
  St Austell Bay Maerl Survey Acoustic and Video Analysis 2014 RP00981 2017/07/26
Survey and analysis of vegetation and hydrological change in English dune slack habitats NECR153 2014/08/14
  Survey of chalk cave, cliff, intertidal and subtidal reef biotopes in the Thanet Coast cSAC ENRR325 1998/10/01
  Survey of selected saline lagoons, Suffolk Coast ENRR300 1998/10/01
  Sustainable flood defence: The case for washlands ENRR406 2001/02/01
  Targeting areas for the restoration and re-creation of coastal and floodplain grazing marsh ENRR332 1999/03/01
  Targets for coastal habitat re-creation ENS13 1993/01/01
  Terrestrial Invertebrate survey of Prawle Point-Start Point SSSI, S.Devon ENRR126 1994/05/02
  Thanet intertidal survey: assessment of favourable condition of reef and seacave features in the Thanet Coast cSAC ENRR568 2004/01/01
  The Humber Estuary: A comprehensive review of its nature conservation interest ENRR547 2003/12/01
  The Lincolnshire and North Norfolk maritime area: A review of the past and present status of its species and habitats ENRR542 2003/01/01
  The MarClim Project: Key messages for decision makers and policy advisors, and recommendations for future administrative arrangements and management measures ENRR671 2005/12/01
  The effects of a mixed grazing regime on sand dune vegetation communities at Braunton Burrows, Devon ENRR637 2006/01/01
  The flooding of the Cantley Level in 1993 1993/09/01
  The implications of a major coastal flood on nature conservation interests in England ENRR695 2003/10/01
The management of natural coastal carbon sinks NECR033 2009/12/01
  The marine nature conservation importance of British coastal chalk cliff habitats ENRR032 1993/01/04
The status of Habitats Directive Annex I saltmarsh habitats, transition zones and Spartina species in England NECR185 2015/08/18
  The success of creation and restoration schemes in producing intertidal habitat suitable for waterbirds ENRR425 2001/01/01
The sustainability of shellfish harvesting and its effects on the reef habitats within the north east Kent European marine sites (inter-tidal) NECR044 2010/06/29
  Towards Sustainable Estuary Management ENRR329 1999/01/01
  Towards a strategy for the conservation of coastal habitats in north Norfolk ENRR074 1994/01/03
Validation Network Project Saltmarshes NERR020 2008/09/24
What do we know about the birds and habitats of the North Kent Marshes?: Baseline data collation and analysis NECR082 2011/06/20