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Crag Estate Moorland Agreement April 2017-April 2023 (MRP004)

Crag Estate and Natural England have worked closely over the last two decades to restore the blanket bog habitat that makes up the majority of the moorland land holding. The Long Term Plan continues this work, taking an Outcomes Approach to delivering multiple benefits, with the aim of moving towards good quality, functioning blanket bog at the heart of the plan. The plan includes outcomes for the grouse shooting interest, farming enterprise, carbon storage, water quality, flood management, upland bird populations and wildfire risk mitigation. Rotational burning on deep peat ceases under the plan and vegetation management is focused on achieving favourable blanket bog that supports the range of outcomes. The restoration of heather dominated vegetation to a diverse, functioning blanket bog state is a key element. The majority of grips have already been blocked. To continue the wetting up of the blanket bog, interventions include the removal of heather dominated canopies to allow the introduction of sphagnum mosses and other blanket bog species. Monitoring is an integral part of the plan to inform the adaptive management and assess progression on the trajectory to favourable condition.

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Crag Estate Moorland Agreement final, PDF, 6.8 MB 2018/10/02
HRA Crag Estate Moorland Management, PDF, 1.6 MB 2018/09/28