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Greenspace & Us (JP047)

Access to greenspace and connection with nature are key determinants of physical and mental wellbeing. Yet, some groups face significant barriers to access, including young women. Nature connection, engagement with the outdoors, physical activity and mental health significantly drop as girls approach their teenage years.

The Greenspace & Us project is a community insights partnership project which aimed to build knowledge and understanding through participatory approaches to inform future initiatives and improve equitable access to greenspace and recreation opportunities for girls and young women. The project methods included a survey of young people (ages 11-16 years old), six three-hour participatory workshops with 20 young women (ages 10-16 years old), and creative outputs including a manifesto and a piece of physical artwork.

This report presents the outcomes and evaluation of the project and provides key insights into the behaviour and relationship young women have with greenspace, including age and gender appropriate equipment, safety concerns and a lack of ownership over public spaces. The report provides recommendations for future delivery to better support equity of access to greenspace and contribute to understanding of ways in which best to engage with young people in matters relating to the built and green environment.

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JP047 Edition 1 Greenspace & Us, PDF, 1.7 MB 2023/03/03