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People and access

Enjoyment of the countryside and green spaces. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
Access to Nature: Learning Papers 2012/01/31
Access to Nature: evaluation and reports 2012/01/31
  Engaging people in biodiversity issues: Final report of the Biodiversity Segmentation Scoping study B2020-004 2013/07/30
Greenspace & Us Part 2: A community insights co-production project with teenage girls to understand their needs for more inclusive and accessible greenspace JP053 2023/10/11
Listening to young people’s views of the coast: Living Coast Youth Voice NECR264 2019/09/27
Living Coast: Understanding Local Perspectives and Values of the Coast using Community Voice Method in Portsmouth and on the Durham Heritage Coast NECR282 2019/09/24
Measuring Pro-environmental Behaviour and its Determinants: A quick scoping review of existing closed answer measures and design considerations to inform survey design NECR507 2023/10/25
NECR498 Edition 1 Peak District National Park Wildfire Risk Assessment Review NECR498 2024/05/07
NECR500 People and Nature Survey Analysis 2023 NECR500 2023/09/07
NEER025 The Influence of Recreational Activity on Upland Ecosystems in the UK: A Review of Evidence NEER025 2024/01/12
NEER026 Density and displacement of users of urban greenspaces and routes NEER026 2024/03/11
NEER027 Provision and management of greenspaces NEER027 2024/03/11
RP04518 Edition 1 Compilation and Review of Evidence Leading to SANG and SAMM Provision RP04518 2024/03/11
RP2972 England Green Infrastructure Mapping Database. Version 1.2 Method Statement RP2972 2023/07/28
Summary of evidence: Access and engagement EIN003 2015/03/10
The Access & Engagement Strategy for Natural England March 2012 NE356 2012/10/05
The Messy Challenge of Environmental Justice in the UK: Evolution, Status and Prospects NECR273 2019/07/17
The People and Nature Survey For England PANS001 2020/04/20
  The economic and health impacts of walking on English coastal paths: a baseline study for future evaluation NECR283 2019/12/23