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Access to the countryside - management, implementation and assessment

Publications about managing and assessing access and implementing access arrangements. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  Access to the Countryside: Observations on wildlife made during closures of the countryside during the 2001 Foot and Mouth disease epidemic ENRR486 2002/04/01
Access to the countryside and bird conservation priorities for research NECR003 2009/04/02
Analysis of responses to Natural England’s consultation on ‘the future management of National Trails from April 2013’ NE433 2013/03/28
Beam Parklands - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Using flood management as a catalyst to create an attractive, biodiverse community asset that reconnects people and nature NE444 2013/06/20
Blyth Estuary Green Travel Project - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Creating the UK’s first Active Travel Town NE443 2013/06/20
Coastal Access - Natural England’s Approved Scheme, 2013 NE446 2013/07/18
Coastal Access Natural England’s Approved Scheme NE269 2010/01/01
Coastal Access Scheme - Report of Natural England’s first statutory review - Completed March 2013 NE454 2013/07/18
Coastal Access Scheme: Consultation Summary Report NE268 2010/01/01
Coastal Access: Weymouth Bay - Natural England’s Draft Proposals: Overview NE289 2010/10/15
Drawing the boundaries: Mapping and consultation for new countryside access rights CA66 2002/08/01
Engaging children on the autistic spectrum with the natural environment: Teacher insight study and evidence review NECR116 2013/06/28
  Grants and incentives for managing and improving countryside access in England and Wales CRN59 2005/03/01
Index to Coastal Access - Natural England's Approved Scheme 2013 NE468 2013/07/22
  Local Access Forum Annual Reports LAF003 2012/06/29
  Local Access Forum National Conference 2013 LAF001 2013/04/17
Local Access Forums: a review CRN101 2006/06/01
NECR484 Edition 1 Three Wildfires in England NECR484 2023/11/14
National Trails annual report 2014 - 2015 NE643 2017/11/21
National Trails annual report 2015 - 2016 NE677 2017/11/21
Scientific research into the effects of access on nature conservation: Part 1: access on foot NECR012 2009/11/03
Scientific research into the effects of access on nature conservation: Part 2: access on bicycle and horseback NECR013 2009/06/17
  Site information boards for geological and geomorphological SSSIs ENRR026 1992/01/01
Stepping Forward - The Stakeholder Working Group on Unrecorded Public Rights of Way: Report to Natural England NECR035 2010/03/25
The New deal; Management of National Trails in England from April 2013 NE426 2013/03/28
  Visitor access patterns on the Dorset heathlands ENRR683 2006/01/02
Wynyard Woodland Park - Green Infrastructure Case Study: Managing future development by investing in green infrastructure NE393 2013/06/19