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Pre Natural England monitoring publications

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Title Code Published
  5 years of monitoring grassland transplantation at Potatopot, West Cumbria. ENRR036 1992/10/01
  A review of the invertebrate assemblage of acid mires ENRR592 2004/11/09
  A study of the distribution and ecology of the lesser silver water-beetle on the Somerset Levels ENRR591 2004/05/19
  A survey of ditch flora in the North Kent Marshes SSSI ENRR167 1995/10/02
  A survey of the aquatic macroinvertebrates of ponds in the Godstone Ponds SSSI, Surrey ENRR003 1992/01/01
  A tool for assessing the current conservation status of vascular plants on SSSIs in England ENRR690 2006/09/01
  Acoustic seabed survey techniques for monitoring Marine SACs: a trial of three systems ENRR411 2000/10/02
  An approach to a woodland monitoring framework ENRR098 1991/01/01
  An experimental study on the impact of clam dredging of soft sediment macroinvertebrates ENRR013 1992/02/03
  Assessing Vegetation Condition in the English Uplands ENRR264 1998/04/23
  Assessment of the risk posed by toxic contamination to waterbirds on Special Protection Areas (SPAs) ENRR703 2006/09/19
  Assessment of vegetation change at Thrislington Plantation National Nature Reserve, Co Durham ENRR413 1998/10/01
  Audit of non-native species in England ENRR662 2005/10/21
  Broad scale biological mapping of Lundy MNR with reference to reefs ENRR231 1996/10/01
  Changes in abundance of six ground flora species in Wytham Woods (1974 1991) ENRR175 1996/01/05
  Chippenham Fen NNR, Cambs. Aquatic invertebrate monitoring 1992 ENRR033 1992/10/01
  Chippenham Fen NNR, Cambs. Aquatic invertebrate monitoring 1993 ENRR078 1993/10/01
  Costed plans and options for herpetofauna surveillance and monitoring ENRR663 2006/02/15
  Countryside Quality Counts: Tracking change in the English countryside CRN85 2004/09/01
  Current limnological condition of a group of the W.Midlands Meres that bear SSSI status ENRR059 1992/10/01
  Developing tools for assessing fungal interest in habitats 1: beech woodland saprotrophs ENRR597 2004/11/22
  Ditch monitoring at Walland Marsh SSSI ENRR132 1994/10/03
  East Anglian Fen Invertebrate Survey ENRR477 2002/01/01
  Environmental opportunities in low lying coastal areas under a scenario of climate change (1991) ENRR016 1991/11/01
  Estimating the length of hedgerow in Suffolk ENRR366 2000/09/01
  Evaluation of potential use of biomarkers as long-term monitoring tools in assessing ecological quality in terrestrial and aquatic environments of the UK ENRR593 2004/08/09
  Evaluation of the Specialist Survey Method for Veteran Tree Recording ENRR529 2003/02/03
  Fen Violet: a review of conservation work carried out under English Nature’s Species Recovery Programme 1993 to 2005 ENRR676 2006/06/01
  Further Invertebrate survey of RAF Lakenheath SSSI in July 1993 ENRR146A 1994/02/01
  Habitat restoration monitoring handbook ENRR378 2000/01/03
  Herptile sites Volume 1: National Amphibian Survey - Final Report ENRR038 1993/01/01
  Herptile sites Volume 2: National common reptile survey - Final report ENRR039 1993/01/01
  Historical study of sites of natural sea wall failures in Essex ENRR015 1992/02/03
  Humber Estuary Low Tide Count Programme 2003-2004 ENRR656 2005/08/12
  Invertebrate assemblages on English SSSIs ENRR618 2005/04/01
  Knepp Castle Estate baseline ecological survey ENRR693 2006/08/31
  Lichen survey of selected Breckland SSSIs, 2002 ENRR503 2002/10/01
  Long term ecological change in British woodland (1971-2001) ENRR653 2005/07/01
  Long-term changes in the vegetation of Denny Wood, an ancient wood-pasture in the New Forest ENRR434 2001/01/01
  Lowland Heathland SSSIs: guidance on conservation objectives setting and condition monitoring ENRR511 2003/01/01
  Lundy Marine Nature Reserve littoral monitoring report 5-9 October 1991 ENRR012 1992/02/03
  Lundy littoral survey 11-15 March 1996 ENRR183 1996/10/01
  Mapping extent of burn management in the North Pennines: Review of extent years 2001-2003 ENRR698 2006/02/28
  Marine monitoring in the Isles of Scilly. 1991 ENRR009 1991/03/01
  Measuring Long Term Ecological Change in British woodlands (1971-2000) ENRR461 2001/01/01
Monitoring Desmoulin's Whorl Snail IN118 2007/06/12
  Monitoring Muntjac deer (Muntiacus) and their impacts in Monks Wood National Nature Reserve ENRR681 2006/06/01
Monitoring Ranunculion fluitantis and Callitricho-Batrachion Vegetation Communities IN114 2007/06/19
  Monitoring and evaluation of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme 1998 1999/07/01
  Monitoring otters in SACs: testing the protocol ENRR664 2005/10/21
  Monitoring raised bogs: workshop report ENRR189 1996/03/01
Monitoring the Allis and Thwaite Shad IN123 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Atlantic Salmon IN122 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Bullhead IN115 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Floating Water-plantain IN120 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Freshwater Pearl Mussel IN121 2003/01/01
Monitoring the Otter IN112 2007/06/12
Monitoring the Southern Damselfly IN117 2007/06/19
Monitoring the White-Clawed Crayfish IN16 2003/01/01
  Monitoring the condition of lowland grassland SSSIs: Pt 1 English Nature’s rapid assessment method ENRR315 2000/01/03
  Movements and distribution of inland breeding cormorants in England ENRR360 2000/01/01
  National SSSI sample survey of lowland grasslands: pilot project ENRR130 1994/05/02
  National sample survey of SSSI fens 2000 ENRR349 1998/10/01
  North York Moors National Park upland vegetation survey - report ENRR245 1996/10/01
  Northey Island. Managed retreat scheme. Results of botanical monitoring 1991- 1994 ENRR128 1994/10/03
  Objective setting and condition monitoring within woodland Sites of Special Scientific interest ENRR472 2002/04/01
Organising surveys to determine site quality for invertebrates IN180 2006/10/24
  Palaeolimnological investigation of English lake SSSIs ENRR694 2006/08/01
  Porthleven cliffs coastal protection scheme ENRR029 1992/02/03
  Progress reports on monitoring of grassland transplantation sites, Brampton Meadow, Cambs 1987 to 1991 ENRR037 1992/10/01
  Re-recording of storm-damaged woods in Kent and Sussex ENRR043 1993/01/01
  Reintroduction of the pine marten: a feasibility study ENRR084 1991/01/01
  Report on Lundy and the Isles of Scilly marine monitoring programme 1984-1991 ENRR010 1992/02/03
  Revision of the Index of Ecological Continuity as used for saproxylic beetles ENRR574 2004/03/09
  Sampling framework for monitoring of grassland Biodiversity Action Plan targets ENRR388 2000/09/01
  Saproxylic invertebrate survey, assessment and management recommendations of Calke Park, Derbyshire ENRR691 2006/09/01
  Species Recovery Programme for the pine marten in England: 1995-96 ENRR240 1997/07/14
  Statistical advice on dealing with data from permanent plots and other monitoring studies ENRR031 1992/10/01
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods I. Ashford Hanger National Nature Reserve ENRR603 2005/08/16
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods II. Noar Hill Hanger ENRR604 2005/08/16
  Survey monitoring in Kent collected reports. ENRR140 1996/01/05
  Terrestrial and freshwater invertebrate population monitoring in Britain and Ireland ENRR024 1992/10/01
  The condition of lowland BAP priority grasslands. Results from a sample survey of non-statutory stands. ENRR636 2005/07/18
  The distribution and abundance of ponds in Suffolk ENRR333 1999/11/12
  The effectiveness of the floodplain ESA schemes in the maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity ENRR364 2000/02/01
  The effects of horse and cattle grazing on English species-rich grasslands ENRR210 1997/04/16
  The effects of horse grazing on species-rich grasslands ENRR164 1996/04/29
  The freshwater snail (Anisus vorticulusin) ditches in Suffolk, Norfolk & West Sussex ENRR287 1999/01/04
  The long-term effects of cutting on the yield, floristic composition and soil nutrient status of chalk grassland ENRR071 1993/01/04
  The marine nature conservation importance of British coastal chalk cliff habitats ENRR032 1993/01/04
  The status of smelt Osmerus eperlanus in England ENRR516 2003/05/09
  Validation Network Project Lowland calcareous grasslands: Bromus erectus (CG3) grassland ENRR609 2004/06/01
  Validation Network Project Lowland heathland monitoring: covering dry and wet heaths ENRR669 2005/02/15
  Validation Network Project. Upland habitats covering – blanket bog, dry dwarf shrub heath, wet dwarf shrub heath and Ulex gallii Dwarf shrub heath ENRR564 2004/01/01
  Validation Network project: A pilot study ENRR596 2005/02/01