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Habitat management and restoration

Publication relevant to nature reserve habitat management and restoration. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A Guide to the Management and Restoration of Coastal Vegetated Shingle MAR0503002 2003/05/01
A review of techniques for monitoring the success of peatland restoration NECR086 2011/09/02
  A review of the extent, conservation interest and management of lowland acid grassland in England ENRR259 1998/10/01
  A review of the invertebrates associated with lowland calcareous grassland ENRR512 2003/06/25
An outline lake management plan for Hatchet Pond, New Forest SSSI NECR319 2020/06/15
  Ashdown Forest Grazing Action Plan ENRR602 2004/06/01
Carbon storage by habitat: Review of the evidence of the impacts of management decisions and condition of carbon stores and sources NERR043 2012/05/29
  Development of eco-hydrological guidelines for dune habitats – Phase 1 ENRR696 2002/12/02
  Development of good practice guidelines for woodland management for bats ENRR661 2005/09/01
  Eco-hydrological guidelines for wet woodland – Phase I ENRR619 2005/07/27
Grazing management of lowland heathlands IN172 2006/10/24
Guidance on Developing Structural Operating Protocols STREAM03 2009/03/02
  Guidance on understanding and managing soils for habitat restoration projects ENRR712 2006/01/02
Guidelines for monitoring peatland restoration TIN097 2011/09/02
  Habitat Restoration Project: fact sheets and bibliographies ENRR260 1997/12/19
  Habitat restoration monitoring handbook ENRR378 2000/01/03
Impact of heathland restoration and re-creation techniques on soil characteristics and the historical environment NERR010 2008/03/28
Linking river and floodplain management STREAM04 2010/01/01
  Literature review of the historical effects of burning and grazing of blanket bog and upland wet heath ENRR172 1996/02/01
  Lowland Grassland Management Handbook (Second edition) GRASSLAND 2007/04/23
  Management of water and trees on raised bogs: Papers and transcripts from a lowland peatland workshop held at Hanmer, 10-12 June 1997 ENRR407 2001/01/01
Managing for species: Integrating the needs of England’s priority species into habitat management NERR024 2010/01/15
NECR481 Edition 1 Seagrass in the Stour Orwell and Blackwater 2020-21 NECR481 2024/04/10
NEER028 Edition 1 The Impacts of Vegetation Cutting on Peatlands and Heathlands NEER028 2023/11/16
National Vegetation Classification: MG5 grassland TIN147 2013/04/02
Natural England North East Pilot Project - Green Infrastructure and Priority Habitat Creation Opportunities - Update July 2014 2014/07/17
  Nutrient enrichment of basin fens: options for remediation ENRR610 2005/02/16
Planning river restoration STREAM01 2010/01/01
Re-introducing natural grazing: Natural England evidence EIN002 2014/07/10
  Review of the impacts of heather and grassland burning in the uplands on soils, hydrology and biodiversity ENRR550 2003/11/21
River restoration advice note STREAM02 2010/01/01
  Seed sources for grassland restoration and re-creation in Environmental stewardship TIN038 2008/03/06
Soil sampling for habitat recreation and restoration TIN035 2008/02/21
Soil texture TIN037 2008/02/21
  The Drainage Channel Biodiversity Manual NE121 2008/09/29
The Scrub Management Handbook: Guidance on the management of scrub on nature conservation sites IN124 2006/10/24
  The effects of horse and cattle grazing on English species-rich grasslands ENRR210 1997/04/16
  The long-term effects of cutting on the yield, floristic composition and soil nutrient status of chalk grassland ENRR071 1993/01/04
  The management of semi-natural lowland grassland for selected rare and scarce vascular plants: a review ENRR216 1997/04/23
The regeneration of bryophytes after the burning of dry heath (H12a) and wet heath (M16d) moorland on the North York Moors NECR011 2009/06/22
  Use of farmyard manure on semi-natural (meadow) grassland ENRR150 1996/02/01
  Veteran Trees: A guide to good management IN13 2000/02/01
Veteran Trees: A guide to risk and responsibility IN131 2000/01/01