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Guidance on understanding and managing soils for habitat restoration projects (ENRR712)

The aim of this report is to raise awareness of key considerations relating to soil type and management in restoration projects, and also to raise awareness of existing detailed guidance that is available. It concentrates on soil aspects of restoration. Other considerations will need to be taken into account before restoration can be started, for example archaeology, contamination, planning restrictions, etc.

The report looks at key aspects of soil and outlines the properties that need to be examined and considered as part of the planning stage of restoration projects (Chapters 2 & 3). Some key considerations with regard to climate change and potential conflicts are indicated in Chapter 4, while chapter 5 looks at options where soil restoration is required. Chapter 6 considers the particular case of heavily modified agricultural soils. An extensive reference list is provided at the end of the document to identify key sources of further information and guidelines specific to a range of scenarios and habitats.

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ENRR712, PDF, 751.0 kB 2011/10/05