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National Nature Reserves


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A bibliography of research on woodland NNRs ENRR041 1993/02/01
  A comparison of the structure and composition of The Warburg Nature Reserve in southern England in 1973 and 1992 ENRR445 2002/01/01
  A swallowtail population at Shapwick Heath? Preliminary study on the feasibility by comparing host plant properties in Norfolk and Somerset ENRR631 2005/04/19
Accounting for National Nature Reserves: A Natural Capital Account of the National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England NERR078 2019/02/21
Ainsdale Sand Dunes National Nature Reserve leaflet NE245 2014/01/31
  Ashdown Forest Grazing Action Plan ENRR602 2004/06/01
Ashdown Forest visitor survey data analysis NECR048 2010/09/21
Aston Rowant National Nature Reserve NE169 2009/06/02
Axmouth to Lyme Regis Undercliffs National Nature Reserve NE267 2010/03/30
Bettisfield Moss National Nature Reserve - Trail leaflet NE461 2013/07/17
Castle Eden Dene National Nature Reserve, NE280 2013/03/21
Cliburn Moss National Nature Reserve NE540 2015/03/30
Coastal catch-up how a soft rock cliff evolves when coastal defences fail NECR256 2018/10/04
Cotswold Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve leaflet NE524 2014/03/06
  Deer management on National Nature Reserves: problems and practices ENRR173 1996/02/01
Derbyshire Dales National Nature Reserve NE154 2009/04/01
Duncombe Park National Nature Reserve NE414 2013/07/03
East Dartmoor National Nature Reserve NE270 2010/06/07
East Midlands National Nature Reserves NE149 2009/04/20
Fenn's, Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses NE271 2010/04/19
Fenn’s & Whixall Mosses National Nature Reserve - History Trail leaflet NE462 2013/07/17
Finglandrigg Wood National Nature Reserve leaflet NE419 2013/11/19
Forge Valley Woods National Nature Reserve NE413 2013/07/03
Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve leaflet NE418 2013/11/19
Get close to birds on National Nature Reserves ST117 2005/01/01
Get close to nature ST116 2005/01/01
Hambledon Hill National Nature Reserve NE409 2013/03/12
Hard Hill experimental plots on Moor House – Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve - A review of the experimental set up NECR321 2020/07/28
Hog Cliff National Nature Reserve leaflet NE495 2013/11/11
Ingleborough National Nature Reserve NE282 2010/04/26
Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve - Visitor Leaflet NE275 2010/09/24
Kingley Vale National Nature Reserve – Nature Trail leaflet NE403 2013/03/19
Lewes Downs (Mount Caburn) National Nature Reserve NE493 2013/11/25
Lower Derwent Valley National Nature Reserve NE412 2013/07/03
Lullington Heath National Nature Reserve; Nature walks NE362 2013/03/12
Moccas Hill Wood - Moccas Park National Nature Reserve 2017/11/20
  Monitoring Muntjac deer (Muntiacus) and their impacts in Monks Wood National Nature Reserve ENRR681 2006/06/01
Moor House - Upper Teesdale National Nature Reserve NE146 2009/03/10
NE784 Whixall Boglife NNR book NE784 2023/11/23
NEER130 Science on Natural England’s National Nature Reserves (NNRs) NEER130 2024/02/15
National Nature Reserves - The Future: a policy statement ST42 2000/01/01
  National Nature Reserves open data NNR001 2016/06/23
  Natural England Standard: National Nature Reserve Management Standards NESTND029 2013/07/18
  Natural developments in a minimum intervention area in Buckholt Wood, part of the Cotswolds Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve ENRR519 2003/05/28
North Meadow National Nature Reserve NE148 2009/03/02
Old Winchester Hill National Nature Reserve NE401 2013/04/03
  Pre-Recovery Programme: Survey of three sites in England (Gait Barrows NNR, Florden Common and Martlesham Creek) for the terrestrial snail Vertigo angustior ENRR228 1996/10/01
Roudsea Wood and Mosses National Nature Reserve NE590 2015/03/18
Saltfleetby - Theddlethorpe Dunes National Nature Reserve NE152 2009/04/29
Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve NE272 2010/05/13
Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve NE183 2009/07/06
Skipwith Common National Nature Reserve NE411 2013/05/14
Spurn Geomorphological Assessment NECR255 2018/10/04
  Status and management of Dolomedes plantarius on Redgrave & Lopham Fen NNR in 1996 ENRR214 1996/10/01
Stiperstones National Nature Reserve NE255 2010/09/24
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods I. Ashford Hanger National Nature Reserve ENRR603 2005/08/16
  Survey and analysis of woodland vegetation within Langley Wood NNR ENRR518 2003/12/01
Teesmouth National Nature Reserve NE276 2010/05/13
  Ten years of change: Woodland research at Monks Wood NNR, 1993-2003 Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Symposium, December 2003 ENRR613 2005/01/01
The Lizard National Nature Reserve - Visitor Leaflet NE281 2014/02/27
The North East Region: from the Tweed to the Tees - National Nature Reserves NE168 2009/05/11
  The Selection Principles for National Nature Reserves in England NE808 2023/05/25
The South West: Cornwall & Devon National Nature Reserves NE164 2009/05/11
The South West: Gloucestershire, Wiltshire (& the West of England) National Nature Reserves NE165 2009/05/11
The South West: Somerset & Dorset National Nature Reserves NE163 2009/05/11
  The Strategy for England’s National Nature Reserves NE807 2017/09/21
  The development of beech woodland at Dendles Wood National Nature Reserve, Devon ENRR433 2001/10/01
The economic impact of Natural England’s National Nature Reserves NECR131 2013/10/11
  The marsh fritillary butterfly in the Avalon Marshes, Somerset: A study on habitat restoration and the re-establishment potential ENRR632 2005/04/19
The status of the hazel pot beetle at Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve NECR066 2011/02/23
Walberswick National Nature Reserve NE260 2013/09/04
Wybunbury Moss National Nature Reserve NE589 2015/01/27
Wyre Forest National Nature Reserve NE279 2010/06/09