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Upland habitats, maintenance, management and evidence. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
A desk review of the ecology of heather beetle NEER008 2015/06/04
  A history of burning as a management tool in the English uplands 1: Estimates of the areal extent of management burning in the English uplands ENRR667 2005/11/01
  A judgement-based method to identify overgrazing in English upland native woodland ENRR621 2005/02/16
An analysis of survey data from upland hay meadows in the North Pennines AONB NECR069 2011/05/12
  Aspects of the breeding ecology of twite in the South Pennines ENRR118 1991/01/01
  Assessing Vegetation Condition in the English Uplands ENRR264 1998/04/23
Assessment of the effect of Environmental Stewardship on improving the ecological status of grassland, moorland and heath NECR156 2014/09/29
Assessment of the impacts of the CRoW Act on bird populations: Results on the second season of the Upland Breeding Bird Survey - assessing change between 2006 and 2007 NECR041 2011/09/12
  Blanket Bog Restoration Strategy Project RP02998 2015/06/30
Burning as a tool for the restoration of upland blanket bog: Position Statement from Natural England UPS01 2020/11/04
Burning in the English Uplands - A Review, Reconciliation and Comparison of Results of Natural England’s Burn Monitoring: 2005 - 2014 IPENS055 2015/06/09
College Valley Estate Moorland Vegetation Management Plan MRP014 2019/01/09
Delivering the ecosystem approach on the ground – an evaluation of the upland ecosystem service pilots NERR046 2012/12/07
Desk review of burning and other management options for the control for heather beetle NEER009 2015/06/04
  Developing new native woodland in the English uplands ENRR230 1997/02/03
Evaluation of the Upland Ecosystem Service Pilots NECR254 2018/09/10
Evaluation of the Upland Ecosystem Service Pilots: Bassenthwaite NERR077 2018/09/10
Farming in the uplands for cleaner water and healthier soil NE240 2010/05/13
Farming in the uplands for wildlife NE239 2010/05/13
Illustrated guide to upland limestone grassland TIN083 2010/11/12
  LM0422: Measuring the impact of Environmental Stewardship on Upland Birds using the upland breeding bird survey RP00919 2016/01/14
  Literature review of the historical effects of burning and grazing of blanket bog and upland wet heath ENRR172 1996/02/01
Long term effectiveness of Environmental Stewardship in conserving upland hay meadows in the Pennine Dales NECR138 2014/06/03
Look after your uplands with Environmental Stewardship NE217 2009/10/05
Managing Molinia? Proceedings of a 3 day conference September 2015 JP017 2016/09/27
  Mapping extent of burn management in the North Pennines: Review of extent years 2001-2003 ENRR698 2006/02/28
Mapping the status of upland peat using aerial photographs NECR089 2012/02/21
Mapping values: the vital nature of our uplands – an atlas linking environment and people NE209 2009/01/01
  Moorland Habitat Monitoring: A Resurvey of Selected Moorland Agri-environment Agreement Sites 2014 RP01639 2016/01/14
NEER025 The Influence of Recreational Activity on Upland Ecosystems in the UK: A Review of Evidence NEER025 2024/01/12
National Trust High Peak Estate - Alport Moor MRP007 2018/10/02
National Trust High Peak Estate - Ashop Moor MRP008 2018/10/02
National Trust High Peak Estate - Birchinlee Moor MRP009 2018/10/02
National Trust High Peak Estate - Derwent and Howden Moor MRP010 2018/10/03
National Trust High Peak Estate - East Crowden Moor MRP011 2018/10/03
National Trust High Peak Estate - Nether Moor MRP012 2018/10/03
National Trust High Peak Estate - Ronksley Moor MRP013 2018/10/03
Natural England review of Upland Evidence: Assurance Group report NEER007 2013/05/30
  New native woodland in Dartmoor ENRR417 1998/10/01
  North York Moors National Park upland vegetation survey - report ENRR245 1996/10/01
Pilot Results-Based Payment Approaches for Agri-environment schemes in arable and upland grassland systems in England JP0031 2019/10/09
  Resource survey of base-rich upland seepages ENRR427 2001/10/01
  Review of the impacts of heather and grassland burning in the uplands on soils, hydrology and biodiversity ENRR550 2003/11/21
State of nature: the upland challenge CORP18 2006/10/24
Sustainable grazing in the English uplands IN150 2006/10/24
  Sustainable grazing practices on the South West moors of England ENRR253 1996/10/01
  Sustainable grazing practices on the South west moors of England (incl Site Reports annex) ENRR254 1996/10/01
Ten principles to guide our approach to securing the future of England’s upland environment NE99 2008/01/01
  The Upland resource survey consolidation project. Final report. Phase 2a ENRR093 1993/10/01
The effects of managed burning on upland peatland biodiversity, carbon and water NEER004 2013/05/30
The effects of trees and scrub on ecosystem services and biodiversity in the UK uplands a scoping review NEER013 2019/12/20
  The impact, use and control of fire ENRR297 1998/03/02
The impacts of tracks on the integrity and hydrological function of blanket peat NEER002 2013/05/30
The regeneration of bryophytes after the burning of dry heath (H12a) and wet heath (M16d) moorland on the North York Moors NECR011 2009/06/22
  The upland management handbook SC26 2001/02/01
  The vegetation of mountains and moorlands of England: national assessment of significance ENRR218 1997/02/04
Upland Ecosystems Service: assessing the links between environment, land management and service delivery for 4 key services NECR028 2009/11/12
Upland Hay Meadows: What management regimes maintain the diversity of meadow flora and populations of breeding birds? NEER005 2013/05/30
Upper Teesdale: changes in upland hay meadow vegetation over the past twenty to thirty years - results presented from botanical surveys NECR139 2014/03/07
  Validation Network Project. Upland habitats covering – blanket bog, dry dwarf shrub heath, wet dwarf shrub heath and Ulex gallii Dwarf shrub heath ENRR564 2004/01/01