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Celebrating agri-environment

To celebrate 25 years of agri-environment schemes, we showcase some of the environmental management being delivered by individual farms and the key statistics for each county. Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  CCF Case Study: Grange Farm, Tichbourne, Hampshire. AE008 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: A Pond and Wetland in Northumberland AE005 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Bossington Estate, Stockbridge, Hampshire AE024 2012/12/19
  CSF Case Study: Sparchford Farm Shropshire AE007 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Stall House Farm AE006 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Tackle diffuse pollution on all fronts Manor House Farm AE032 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Town End Farm, Troutbeck AE004 2012/12/21
  CSF Case Study: Using Environmental Stewardship to meet drinking water quality standards AE031 2012/12/13
  CSF case study: West End Farm AE003 2012/12/21
  ES Case Study: Biscathorpe House Farm - Best Practise Visit AE097 2013/05/31
  ES Case Study: Elmley Marshes AE081 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Hampden Bottom Farm AE002 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Hampstead Park, Berkshire AE017 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Higher Pasture Farm, Lancashire AE021 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Home Farm, Oxfordshire AE014 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Lower Cowley Farm - Best Practise Visit AE098 2013/05/31
  ES Case Study: Lyscombe Farm, Dorset AE019 2012/12/13
  ES Case Study: Manor Farm, Northamptonshire AE025 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Meads farm, Devon AE015 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Midland Gliding Club, Shrewsbury AE016 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Row Farm - Best Practise Visit AE096 2013/05/31
  ES Case Study: Strathairlie Farm, Lancashire AE013 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Stud Farm, Yorkshire AE018 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Tedney Farm AE082 2012/12/20
  ES Case Study: The Cornwall Chough Project AE023 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: The Norfolk Estate, Arundel, West Sussex AE022 2012/12/19
  ES Case Study: Vicarage Farm Dorset AE020 2012/12/19
  ES Data: Avon AE033 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Bedfordshire AE034 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Berkshire AE035 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Buckinghamshire AE036 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Cambridgeshire AE037 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Cheshire AE076 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Cleveland AE038 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Cornwall AE039 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Cumbria AE040 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Derbyshire AE041 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Devonshire AE042 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Dorset AE043 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Durham AE044 2012/12/13
  ES Data: East Sussex AE045 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Essex AE046 2012/12/13
  ES Data: Gloucestershire AE047 2013/04/16
  ES Data: Hampshire AE049 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Herefordshire & Worcestershire AE050 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Hertfordshire AE051 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Humberside AE052 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Isle of Wight AE079 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Kent AE053 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Lancashire AE054 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Leicestershire AE055 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Lincolnshire AE056 2012/12/12
  ES Data: London AE077 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Manchester AE048 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Merseyside AE057 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Norfolk AE058 2012/12/12
  ES Data: North Yorkshire AE059 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Northamptonshire AE060 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Northumberland AE061 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Nottinghamshire AE062 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Oxfordshire AE063 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Shropshire AE064 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Somerset AE065 2012/12/12
  ES Data: South Yorkshire AE066 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Staffordshire AE067 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Suffolk AE075 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Surrey AE078 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Tyne & Wear AE068 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Warwickshire AE069 2012/12/12
  ES Data: West Midlands AE070 2012/12/12
  ES Data: West Sussex AE071 2012/12/12
  ES Data: West Yorkshire AE072 2012/12/12
  ES Data: Wiltshire AE073 2012/12/12
  ES Press Release: Norfolk Broads farmer celebrates 25 years of Environmentally friendly farming AE027 2012/12/19
  ES Press Release: Pennine Dales farm celebrates 25 years of environmentally friendly farming AE026 2012/12/19
  ES Press Release: Somerset farmer celebrates 25 years of environmentally friendly farming AE028 2012/12/19
  ES Press Release: South Downs farmer celebrates 25 years of environmentally friendly farming AE029 2012/12/19
  ES Press Release: West Penwith farming family celebrates 25 years of environmentally friendly farming AE030 2012/12/19
  ES case study: Whittington Lodge Farm AE001 2012/12/19