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Agri-environment case studies by Scheme

Farm case studies split out by scheme type (Environmental Stewardship, ‘classic schemes’ and Catchment Sensitive Farming). Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.


Records for this category

Title Code Published
  CLA Case Study: Greystone Farm AE099 2013/07/18
  ES Case Study: Biscathorpe House Farm - Best Practise Visit AE097 2013/05/31
  ES Case Study: Farrows Farm Best Practise Event AE0094 2013/05/13
  ES Case Study: Lower Cowley Farm - Best Practise Visit AE098 2013/05/31
  ES Case Study: Making Life Easy Best Practise Event AE093 2013/05/13
  ES Case Study: Row Farm - Best Practise Visit AE096 2013/05/31
  ES Case Study: Thee Beeches - Best Practise Visit AE095 2013/05/31
  ES Case Stydy: Cinderberrow Farm Best Practise Event AE092 2013/05/13