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Habitat inventories

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A provisional Inventory of parkland and wood-pasture in the East Midlands ENRR595 2004/10/01
  A review of the extent, conservation interest and management of lowland acid grassland in England ENRR259 1998/10/01
A review of the revision of the Ancient Woodland Inventory in the South East NERR042 2011/08/04
  Amendments to the Ancient Woodland Inventory for England 4 February 1997 - 13 February 1998 ENRR277 1998/06/01
  Amendments to the Ancient Woodland Inventory for England: 29 February 1996 - 4 February 1997 ENRR222 1997/06/02
  Amendments to the Ancient Woodland Inventory for England: July 1994 - February 1996 ENRR177 1996/03/01
Ancient Woodland Inventory handbook NECR248 2018/05/08
  Ancient Woodland Inventory: England (provisional) ENRR072 1994/07/01
  Ancient woodland inventory: database documentation ENRR131 1994/02/01
Coastal Vegetated Shingle: Development of an evidence base of the extent and quality of shingle habitats in England to improve targeting and delivery of the coastal vegetated shingle HAP NECR054 2010/12/17
Development of a Coastal Vegetated Shingle Inventory for England NECR015 2009/09/11
  Development of eco-hydrological guidelines for dune habitats – Phase 1 ENRR696 2002/12/02
  English Nature Habitat Restoration Project: Final report ENRR377 2000/06/01
  Inventories of Lowland Grassland in England: Rationale & Methodology ENRR215 1997/03/03
  Kent neutral grassland survey Phase 2 1994 ENRR119 1995/01/05
  Lowland grassland wildlife value and conservation status ENRR169 1996/02/01
Maritime Cliff and Slope Inventory: MapInfo table Specification TIN010 2007/10/15
Maritime Cliff and Slope Inventory: digitising guidelines and QA procedures TIN011 2007/10/15
  Maritime Cliffs and Slope Inventory 2001 ENRR426 2001/01/01
Maritime cliff and slope inventory 2004/2005 NERR003 2007/11/05
Survey and analysis of vegetation and hydrological change in English dune slack habitats NECR153 2014/08/14
TIN215 Producing Favourable Conservation Status Strategies Natural England’s guidance TIN215 2023/10/11
  Thames & Chilterns: Parkland and wood pastures with veteran trees Phase I – A provisional inventory 2002/03 ENRR520 2003/01/01
  The Parkland Inventory Project: A pilot study for an inventory of parklands ENRR147 1995/01/01
  The distribution and abundance of ponds in Suffolk ENRR333 1999/11/12
  The distribution of lowland wet grassland in England ENRR049 1993/01/04
  The effectiveness of the floodplain ESA schemes in the maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity ENRR364 2000/02/01
  The status and distribution of ancient woodland in Dorset - Part 1: Details of methods used in updating the status and distribution of Ancient Woodland ENRR558 2004/06/30
  The status and distribution of ancient woodland in Dorset - Part 2: An analysis of land use changes resulting in the loss of ancient woodland in Dorset (1988 to 2000) ENRR559 2004/06/30
Traditional Orchard Project in England: The creation of an inventory to support the UK Habitat Action Plan NECR077 2011/05/05