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The status and distribution of ancient woodland in Dorset - Part 2: An analysis of land use changes resulting in the loss of ancient woodland in Dorset (1988 to 2000) (ENRR559)

This report makes a detailed analysis of changes to the status and distribution of ancient woodland in Dorset and follows on from a previous report (Forrest, 2003). It attempts to date changes more accurately and identifies losses of over 224 hectares of ancient woodland in the county since 1988. The report estimates that losses to the semi-natural area due to replanting within ancient woodland sites accounts for 65% of the total losses, and that the remaining losses are due to clearance and subsequent land use change. The report makes recommendations aimed not only at improving the accuracy and accessibility of information, but also at contributing to the future protection and sustainable management of Dorset’s ancient woodlands.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
ENRR559 - part 1, PDF, 509.0 kB 2011/11/11
ENRR559 - part 2 RIN, PDF, 94.5 kB 2011/11/11