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Marine renewable energy

Publications about marine renewable energy.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
Assessing the potential for offshore infrastructure as platforms for environmental monitoring NECR446 2022/10/03
Assessment of compensatory measures for impacts of offshore windfarms on seabirds NECR431 2022/09/29
Assessment of displacement impacts of offshore windfarms and other human activities on red-throated divers and alcids NECR227 2016/12/12
Boosting offshore wind skills for environmental professions NECR445 2022/10/03
  Collision, Displacement and Barrier Effect Concept Note RP02866 2015/06/30
Environmental variables for distribution modelling of UK marine megafauna species NECR447 2022/10/25
Future environmental scenarios for offshore wind expansion NECR444 2022/10/03
Marine birds: vision-based wind turbine collision mitigation NECR432 2022/10/06
NECR512 Consideration of avoidance behaviour of northern gannet (Morus bassanus) in collision risk modelling for offshore wind farm impact assessments NECR512 2023/09/25
Natural England’s Approach to Offshore Wind: Our ambitions, aims and objectives TIN181 2021/06/16
Offshore wind farms and birds: incorporating uncertainty in collision risk models: a test of Masden (2015) NECR237 2017/09/28
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: avoidance rate review NECR196 2015/10/06
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: collision risk modelling NECR197 2015/10/06
Pink-footed goose anthropogenic mortality review: population model NECR198 2015/10/06
Scour and Cable Protection Decommissioning Study NECR403 2022/03/14
Spatial assessment of benthic compensatory habitats for offshore wind farm impacts NECR443 2022/10/05
  Testing sensitivity of metrics of seabird population response to offshore wind farm impacts RP02997 2016/05/17
Using the Interim PCoD framework to assess the potential impacts of offshore wind developments in Eastern English Waters on harbour porpoises in the North Sea JP024 2017/06/12