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Collision, Displacement and Barrier Effect Concept Note (RP02866)

The Marine Renewables Ornithology Group (MROG) is made up of Statutory Nature Conservation Bodies (SNCB), Marine Science Scotland and the RSPB. It organised a workshop in summer 2015 funded by The Crown Estate and attended by experts on seabird displacement from a range of European countries to provide an expert review of existing and new evidence for displacement impacts to seabirds from offshore renewables projects. As part of the planning of the workshop a series of concept notes were prepared to inform the key issues covered at the workshop. This project was to produce a concept note for the workshop outlining options for integrating collision, displacement and barrier impacts on seabirds from offshore wind-farms in a statistically and ecologically appropriate way for the key audiences including the SNCBs, The Crown Estate and developers and their ornithological consultants submitting applications for projects in the offshore marine sector that need Environmental Impact Assessments or Habitat Regulation Assessments.

Project details

Start date2015-02-02
End date2015-03-31

Project outputs

This project produced the following outputs:

Seabird Displacement Impacts from Offshore Wind Farms: report of the MROG Workshop, 6-7th May 2015 published by a partner
Collision, displacement and barrier concept note published by a partner