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Offshore wind farms and birds: incorporating uncertainty in collision risk models: a test of Masden (2015) (NECR237)

Offshore windfarm developers routinely use collision risk models (CRMs) to assess the potential impact of wind turbines on birds when undertaking environmental impact assessments (EIA). However the models currently used do not allow uncertainty around the model input parameters to be incorporated in the modelling process. Recently an updated model (Masden 2015) was published that uses a simulation approach to incorporate variability and uncertainty in the CRM process (Masden 2015). This project will review, test and set out options for incorporating variability and uncertainty in input parameters into this stochastic version of the CRM using data typically collected during EIAs.

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NECR237 edition 1 - Offshore wind farms and birds - incorporating uncertainty in collision risk models, PDF, 473.2 kB 2017/10/11