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Natural Capital

Reports and evidence related to natural capital. See also the Ecosystem services category.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
A Natural Capital Strategy for North Devon NERR083 2020/05/21
Accounting for National Nature Reserves: A Natural Capital Account of the National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England NERR078 2019/02/21
  Developing definitions of natural capital for use within the Uplands of England ENRR197 1996/10/01
  Establishing criteria for identifying critical natural capital in the Terrestrial Environment ENRR141 1996/01/05
Evaluation of the Upland Ecosystem Service Pilots NECR254 2018/09/10
Evaluation of the Upland Ecosystem Service Pilots: Bassenthwaite NERR077 2018/09/10
Is Corporate Natural Capital Accounting appropriate for monitoring nature reserves? An assessment for National Nature Reserves managed by Natural England NERR072 2017/10/30
  Mapping Natural Capital RP02404 2016/03/31
NECR460 Edition 1 Scoping object-based change detection for Living England NECR460 2023/11/13
National Natural Capital Atlas: Mapping Indicators NECR285 2020/02/13
Natural Capital Atlases: Mapping Indicators for County and City Regions NECR318 2020/07/03
  Natural Capital Indicators and Metrics Evidence Review JP034 2020/08/26
Natural Capital Indicators: for defining and measuring change in natural capital NERR076 2018/09/26
Natural Capital Investment Opportunities for North Devon NECR292 2020/05/21
Root Cause Analysis for the North Devon Landscape Pioneer NECR291 2020/05/21
Westward Ho!: Geomorphological Specialist Assessment NECR317 2020/07/08