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A population viability analysis for the reintroduction of the pool frog (Rana lessonae) in Britain (ENRR585)

Contrary to traditional views, recent findings by amphibian workers have suggested that the pool frog Rana lessonae is native to Britain. However, the last remaining native population has probably recently gone extinct (Snell 1994; Gleed-Owen & Joslin 1996; Beebee & Griffiths 2000). Consequently, the pool frog is the subject of a Species Action Plan species in the UK, and work is required to investigate potential strategies for reintroduction. Population Viability Analysis (or ‘PVA’) is a modelling process used to assess the risk of extinction of a population (eg Soulé 1987; Boyce 1992; Sjögren-Gulve & Ebenhard 2001), but has been little used on amphibians.

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ENRR585, PDF, 367.1 kB 2011/10/21