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Developing definitions of natural capital for use within the Uplands of England (ENRR197)

In November 1993 English Nature published a position statement on sustainable development which adopted the concept of environmental sustainability as a way of focusing action to put sustainable development into practice. The position statement promoted the concept of environmental sustainability, being the maintenance of the environment’s natural qualities and characteristics and its capacity to fulfil its full range of functions, including the maintenance of biodiversity. The aims of this study were: to produce a discussion paper for English Nature to use as the basis for developing the concepts of environmental sustainability with those that live and work in the uplands; to recommend appropriate criteria for defining and identifying Critical Natural Capital and Constant Natural Assets in the uplands (based on those already outlined for terrestrial habitats); to raise awareness and encourage discussion (within English Nature) of the practical application of Critical Natural Capital and Constant Natural Assets within the uplands of England.

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