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County surveys of parkland: the Staffordshire experience 2001. (ENRR416)

This project aimed to: determine the amount of parkland in the County to aid understanding of the importance of this habitat at both the national and local level; protect important parklands from development by incorporating them into the Sites of Biological Importance (County Wildlife Sites) dataset; provide management suggestions to landowners and site managers; provide information for agri-environment schemes in helping both to assess condition of sites and suggest what management prescriptions are needed; assess the overall condition of parklands in Staffordshire and determine any trends or patterns in both the quantity and quality of this parkland; determine prime areas, in particular, concentrations of parkland and adjacent ancient woodlands where restoration schemes would be most beneficial. The report also gives an overview of the international and national importance of parkland and wood-pasture, shows the methodology for surveying parklands in Staffordshire and gives examples of parkland projects from other areas of the country.

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