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Trees and woodland monitoring and long-term change

Reports on long-term change and monitoring of woodlands, including trees and ground flora Some of the records within this category can be viewed by their location.

Records for this category

Title Code Published
  A bibliography of research on woodland NNRs ENRR041 1993/02/01
  A judgement-based method to identify overgrazing in English upland native woodland ENRR621 2005/02/16
  A provisional minimum intervention woodland reserve series for England with proposals for baseline recording and long-term monitoring therein ENRR385 2000/09/01
  An approach to a woodland monitoring framework ENRR098 1991/01/01
  Beech tree health survey 1991-2 ENRR023 1992/10/01
  Changes in a permanent transect in an oak-beech woodland (Dendles Wood, Devon) ENRR347 2000/09/01
  Changes in the ground flora in Wytham Woods, Southern England, 1974-1991 and their implications for nature conservation ENRR320 1999/01/04
  County surveys of parkland: the Staffordshire experience 2001. ENRR416 2001/10/01
  Knepp Castle Estate baseline ecological survey ENRR693 2006/08/31
  Long term ecological change in British woodland (1971-2001) ENRR653 2005/07/01
  Long-term changes in the vegetation of Denny Wood, an ancient wood-pasture in the New Forest ENRR434 2001/01/01
  Long-term studies in British woodland ENS34 2000/01/01
  Measuring Long Term Ecological Change in British woodlands (1971-2000) ENRR461 2001/01/01
  Monitoring natural stand change development in Monks Wood NNR ENRR270 1998/09/01
  Natural developments in Scords Wood, Toy's Hill, Kent since the Great Storm of October 1987 ENRR346 2000/02/01
  Natural developments in a minimum intervention area in Buckholt Wood, part of the Cotswolds Commons and Beechwoods National Nature Reserve ENRR519 2003/05/28
  Natural reserves in English woodlands ENRR384 2000/09/04
  Objective setting and condition monitoring within woodland Sites of Special Scientific interest ENRR472 2002/04/01
  Re-recording of storm-damaged woods in Kent and Sussex ENRR043 1993/01/01
  Report on the vegetation of 'The Mens' woodland reserve, West Sussex. ENRR444 2002/04/01
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods I. Ashford Hanger National Nature Reserve ENRR603 2005/08/16
  Storm-damage and vegetation change in East Hampshire beechwoods II. Noar Hill Hanger ENRR604 2005/08/16
  Survey and analysis of woodland vegetation within Langley Wood NNR ENRR518 2003/12/01
  Ten years of change: Woodland research at Monks Wood NNR, 1993-2003 Proceedings of the 50th Anniversary Symposium, December 2003 ENRR613 2005/01/01
  The development of beech woodland at Dendles Wood National Nature Reserve, Devon ENRR433 2001/10/01
The effects of trees and scrub on ecosystem services and biodiversity in the UK uplands a scoping review NEER013 2019/12/20
  Trends in vegetation cover and species richness in Wytham Woods 1974-1999 ENRR363 2000/09/01
  Twenty-five years of change in a population of oak saplings in Wistmans Wood, Devon ENRR348 2000/09/01