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Radio Tracking Study of Greater Horseshoe Bats at Dean Hall, Littledean, Cinderford (NERR012)

The study involves radio tracking of ten Greater Horseshoe bats for a short period in August 2007 to gather information on the activity patterns of Greater Horseshoe bats using the maternity roost at Dean Hall Site of Special Scientific Interest. By establishing activity patterns, key local landscape features for the bats were identified.

Ten Greater Horseshoe bats were caught within the roost and fitted with radio transmitters. Up to four fieldworkers then tracked the bats using Australis 26K and Sika receivers. Accurate bearings of bat locations were taken from hand held sighting compasses. Tracking continued over five nights.

For all detectable bats the following data was recorded: observer location, bat ID number, triangulation bearings were taken when possible, signal strength, apparent location or route and behaviour.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NERR012 edition 1, PDF, 2.1 MB 2011/09/27
RIN012 edition 1, PDF, 26.3 kB 2011/09/27


This record relates to the location identified by the marker on the map: