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A survey of the aquatic macroinvertebrates of ponds in the Godstone Ponds SSSI, Surrey (ENRR003)

Describes the results of a survey of the aquatic macroinvertebrates of three ponds (Bay, Leigh Mill and Leigh Place ponds) in the Godstone Ponds SSSI. Survey work was undertaken on 30 November 1991. Bay Pond supported the richest macroinvertebrate community of the three ponds, with 49 species recorded. Leigh Mill Pond and Leigh Place Pond supported more impoverished communities, with 32 species and 23 species recorded, respectively. 4 local species (species which are either only common in the south-east of England or more widespread but uncommon) were recorded from Bay Pond. No local species were recorded in either Leigh Mill Pond or Leigh Place Pond. The results of the survey suggested that the macroinvertebrate community of Bay Pond is of intermediate to high nature conservation value. The macroinvertebrate communities of Leigh Mill Pond and Leigh Place Pond are probably of low to intermediate nature conservation value.

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