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Development of guideline sediment targets to support management of sediment inputs into aquatic systems (NERR008)

This research had the following objectives:

  • To refine the catchment typology generated by the initial investigation (see NERR007).
  • To analyse data on sediment yields and rating curves and identify best estimates of values consistent with near-pristine (reference conditions) with which to populate the refined typology.
  • To consider ecological information being collated by parallel projects on the sensitivities of biota to enhanced siltation/sediment delivery, and identify (where possible) values of sediment yield and/or rating curves likely to protect against impacts, according to the refined catchment typology from (1).
  • To devise a statistical rationale and process for comparing observed values of sediment yield and shape/position of rating curve with reference/critical values.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
NERR008 edition 1, PDF, 1.7 MB 2011/09/27
RIN008 edition 1, PDF, 43.3 kB 2011/09/27