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Local Geodiversity Action Plans: a review of progress (NERR027)

Geodiversity is the variety of rocks, fossils, minerals, soils, landforms and processes which form the landscape. Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs) set out actions to conserve and enhance the geodiversity of a particular area.

The concept of LGAPs was developed from the Biodiversity Action Plan model and has now been adopted across the UK. LGAPs provide a structured approach to local geoconservation delivery and aim to raise awareness and appreciation of geological sites and geoconservation. 23 LGAPs have been launched, focusing on county or other administrative areas. Company Geodiversity Action Plans (cGAPs) are also being developed for company land-holdings, with the initial focus on the aggregates industry.

The purpose of this study was to review the current status and format of LGAPs, evaluate their achievements and benefits, and identify what should happen next to assist LGAP development. Background information for this research was obtained from two sources; published LGAPs and a questionnaire survey of the organisations/individuals responsible for the production and/or implementation of each LGAP.


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NERR027 edition 1, PDF, 410.3 kB 2011/09/30
RIN027 edition 1, PDF, 42.2 kB 2011/09/30