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Geodiversity Action Plans: The use of indicators in progress reporting (NECR051)

This report forms part of the output from the research project: Geodiversity Action Plans – Contributions and Measures of Success. Commissioned research into the progress of Local Geodiversity Action Plans (LGAPs) was undertaken in 2008 which highlighted the need to establishing a consistent approach to LGAP monitoring to both measure progress and demonstrate the success and challenges faced by LGAPs. The UK Geodiversity Action Plan (UKGAP), currently in development, also requires a mechanism for measuring progress against its objectives. This report addresses these needs by:

  • reviewing different action planning processes in the UK;
  • reviewing monitoring methods used in established LGAPs;
  • examining the use of indicators as a way of measuring positive progress for the natural environment; and
  • recommending indicators that could be used to measure the progress of both LGAPs and the UK Geodiversity Action Plan.

Since this report was commissioned (in 2009) the new Government has instigated a move away from national indicators and also a move away from regional structures (and indicators) towards a more localised approach. This means that the regional level indicators suggested within the report will now need to be considered within this new context. The introduction of Coalition’s vision of a Big Society confirms this move towards greater localism and also towards greater voluntary sector involvement. This places increased emphasises on local initiatives such Local Geodiversity Action Plans, giving them greater importance in the future of geoconservation and in the promotion of geology in general.

This report forms part of Natural England’s contribution to the UKGAP and will be used by the UKGAP Group to inform discussions on measuring the progress of the UKGAP. It will also be used to inform revisions to Natural England’s guidance for producing and monitoring the progress of LGAPs.


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