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Conservation of ribbon-leaved water-plantain: Current status, the species recovery programme and future outlook (NECR074)

Ribbon-leaved water-plantain (Alisma gramineum) is protected under Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act (1981), considered Critically Endangered in Britain following IUCN criteria, and is a Biodiversity Action Plan priority species. As such it is subject to a Species Recovery Programme (SRP), a partnership project aimed at understanding its ecology and carrying out conservation action. The ultimate aim of the SRP is to safeguard current populations but also to increase the size and resilience of its populations in England so that it is no longer Critically Endangered.

This report was commissioned by Natural England in June 2010 to document the work undertaken within the SRP over the last two years and put it into context of the SRP work carried out to date.

This report is an important summary of what we have learnt about the conservation of ribbon-leaved water-plantain through the work of the SRP, and will be used to inform future work to conserve this interesting but vulnerable species.

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NECR074 edition 1, PDF, 2.8 MB 2011/10/07

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