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Natural England Water Quality and Nutrient Neutrality Advice (16 March 2022) (NE785)

This letter sets out Natural England’s advice for development proposals that have the potential to affect water quality in such a way that adverse nutrient impacts on designated habitats sites* cannot be ruled out. It also provides an update to those Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) whose areas include catchments where Natural England has already advised on how to assess the nutrient impacts of new development and mitigate any adverse effects, including through application of the nutrient neutrality methodology.

*Habitat sites are sites which are protected by the Habitats Regulations and includes Special Areas of Conservation (SAC) and Special Protection Areas (SPA). Any proposals that could affect them require a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA). Ramsar sites are also included as these are protected as a matter of government policy and also require a HRA where proposals may affect them.

This document has been re-uploaded as ‘Hornsea Mere SPA’ was missing from Annex C, Table 2 (pg14) as an additional habitat site listed as being in unfavourable condition due to excessive nutrients. All other information included in this document has been checked and remains correct with no further updates required.

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NE785 Revised Edition 3 Natural England Water Quality and Nutrient Neutrality Advice (16 March 2022) updated_PL, PDF, 873.5 kB 2024/07/11

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