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Wemmergill Moor Limited Management Agreement 2017-2042 (MRP003)

The Wemmergill Moor Ltd Management Agreement sets out a shared vision and multiple joint outcomes for grouse moor management, farming and the natural environment for the period 2017 – 2042. It includes a programme of moorland vegetation monitoring, management and restoration works which are designed to conserve, restore and enhance the natural environment designated features across the Estate. The agreement means that rotational burning on blanket bog has ceased; cutting or burning for restoration purposes will only take place in limited circumstances in accordance with jointly agreed vegetation management principles captured in a red, amber, green ‘traffic light’ format and subject to an agreed monitoring protocol. The agreement also includes a pictorial summary of the different vegetation groupings found across the site, including sensitive features, and a set of specifications for environmentally sustainable infrastructure works such as plastic mesh tracks and vehicle boardwalks at defined locations in these habitats.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
Wemmergill Moor Limited Management Agreement 2017-2042, PDF, 7.1 MB 2018/10/02
HRA - Wemmergill Estate, PDF, 2.1 MB 2018/10/02
Annex - Wemmergill Estate, PDF, 3.8 MB 2018/10/02