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Local Access Forum Annual Reports (LAF003)

Natural England has a statutory role to receive copies of Local Access Forum (LAF) annual reports. In addition to our statutory function, we provide support to LAFs by championing their role at national and local levels and by facilitating the exchange of good practice. LAFs are important local organisations which at their best, provide a genuine focus of civil society engagement and are an example of localism in action. By bringing together volunteers from a range of backgrounds and interests, the LAFs play an important role in local decision making relating to a range of social, economic and environmental issues.

We have used the information provided by the LAFs to produce the Annual Reports. These have been shared with government and interested stakeholders. The reports provide fascinating snapshots of the work of LAFs and contain examples of LAF achievements and an insight into their concerns.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
Local Access Forum: Annual Report 2014-15, PDF, 629.6 kB 2017/07/27
Local Access Forum: Annual Report 2013 - 14, PDF, 911.3 kB 2015/01/08
Local Access Forum: Annual Report 2012 - 13, PDF, 309.8 kB 2014/04/08
Local Access Forum: Annual Report 2011 - 12, PDF, 263.4 kB 2013/09/27

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