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NECR508 Edition 1 LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Advanced Mooring Systems worldwide (NECR508)

As part of the LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES project Natural England have installed trials of Advanced Mooring Systems (AMS) both as boat moorings and as markers to reduce the impact to the seabed. Rather than use the term ‘eco-mooring’ we have been using the term AMS to emphasise that these systems are not just improved designs in terms of sensitive habitat protection but may also be better in terms of functionality for boats.

Although there is a good understanding of the current experience in these types of moorings around the UK, there is limited up to date information about different types of systems in use globally. In what environmental conditions they have been successfully deployed and any lessons learned was also of interest.

The approach taken by this project involved a combination of online literature review, public questionnaires, social media engagement and one-on-one interviews. Nineteen different AMS technologies were identified that are currently available on the market; varying in terms of design, materials and technical product performance specifications. Data gathered on AMS installations and trials demonstrate global distributions, with hotspots located in Europe, North America, and Australia. Evidence on the performance and success of AMS technology both from an ecological and user perspective is reported for a number of case studies.

This report will be of interest to marine managers including harbour authorities as well as individual mooring users and owners.

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