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Distribution & ecology of wintering grebes and divers in the Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay pSPA 2014 (RP01616)

This project was commissioned to gather evidence on the usage of the proposed Falmouth Bay – St Austell Bay SPA by wintering waterbirds. The species of importance are great northern divers, black-throated divers and Slavonian grebes. All are present during the non-breeding (wintering) season. Little is known on how the birds use the site, and our objective is to understand more about behaviour (energy budgets, dive durations, feeding preferences) and habitat preferences (distribution, foraging locations, tidal responses) in order to better inform future monitoring and management of the site, as well as providing evidence for future advice on impact assessments.

Project details

Start date2050-01-01

Project outputs

This project produced the following outputs:

Receipt of Final ReportNatural England Evidence Publication
Recipt of peer review comments and final amended version as per the peer reviewNatural England Evidence Publication

Closing statement

This report helps us to understand the foraging characteristics of the diver and grebe species and how they are using the recommended pSPA area.

Downloads available for this record

File Uploaded
RP01616 Edition 1 Distribution & ecology wintering grebes and divers in the Falmouth Bay to St Austell Bay pSPA 2014, PDF, 3.2 MB 2017/04/19


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