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The relationship between Site Improvement Plans for Natura 2000 sites and River Basin Management Plans (SIPINFO1)

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) provides the main framework for managing the water environment throughout Europe. Under the WFD a management plan must be developed for each river basin district. The River Basin Management Plans (RMBP) include a summary of the measures needed for water dependent Natura 2000 sites to meet their conservation objectives. For the second round of RBMPs, Site Improvement Plans are being used to capture the priorities and new measures required for water dependent habitats on Natura 2000 sites. SIP actions for non-water dependent sites/habitats do not form part of the RBMPs and associated consultation.

This document explains the relationship between the Site Improvement Plans, the revised objectives for Natura 2000 rivers and lakes, and the updated River Basin Management Plans.

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