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LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Advanced Mooring Systems Modelling: Project Summary Report (NECR424)

This work, commissioned by Natural England through the Life Recreation ReMEDIES (Reducing and Mitigating Erosion and Disturbance Impacts affEcting the Seabed) project has investigated the performance of a range of Advanced Mooring Systems (AMS). AMS are specially designed to reduce the interaction between the mooring and sensitive seabed habitats, including seagrass and maerl beds. These moorings are better for the environment and for boats. The AMS investigated in this report have been compared to a baseline block and chain catenary system. The work involved the direct simulation of the performance of AMS systems with the offshore dynamics simulation software Orcaflex. The conclusions of this study further support the advancement of AMS systems as a means of protecting seabed habitats. However, it is clear that further optimisation is necessary to develop a clear design guideline for specific vessel and depths combinations. This report will be of interest to marine managers including harbour authorities as well as individual mooring users and owners. The results will help Natural England and other partners to communicate the use of AMS as a management tool to protect sensitive seabed habitats both as part of the work of the LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES project but also more widely across our marine protected areas.

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NECR424 Edition 1 LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Advanced Mooring Systems Modelling_Project Summary Report v2, PDF, 2.6 MB 2023/10/05