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Endocrine disrupters and European Marine Sites in England (ENRR531)

Reliable information is limited, within these limitations, this report lists the known and suspected endocrine disrupters and briefly describes their potential or actual effects in marine wildlife. It collates and evaluates CEFAS and Environment Agency data for the 5-year period 1995-1999 on concentrations of contaminants (mainly suspect endocrine disrupters) in waters, sediments, invertebrates, fish and mammals in certain English Special Areas of Conservation (SACs) and Special Protected Areas (SPAs) based on the site list current in 1999. These data are generally sparse and do not permit a comprehensive risk assessment of endocrine disrupters in any SAC or SPA. However, their possible implications for wildlife are considered in conjunction with data on domestic and industrial discharge volumes in or near the areas of interest. Any known cases of endocrine disruption in the areas of interest are also reported.

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